If Only Jolyon Maugham Understood Anything At All About Tax

This thing is QC’s are supposed to be the smart ones. Not something we’ve got much evidence of given Soapy Joe’s views on taxation:

Uber has argued it is just a ‘platform’ on which drivers can book fares, rather than a transport firm, and is therefore not liable to collect VAT, a claim that Maugham describes as ‘palpable nonsense’.

He said: ‘Tech companies need roads to deliver their products. They need the legal system to protect their intellectual property rights.

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Serve Two Years For Rape, Conviction Overturned, No Compensation

One of the pities about increasing maturity is that old predictions of how society is going to the dogs become true. Or rather, one is around to see one’s predictions come true. Gratifying to the ego as it is to be proven right there’s a definite preference for not having to see it.

At which point, the man jailed for rape for two years. Then conviction overturned. OK, so, he served two years and he shouldn’t have served two years.…

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To Be Born – Even Of Rape – Is Not To Be A Victim

It’s a pretty standard part of English law that to be born does not make you a victim. Further, that the delivery of a child is not something which requires compensation. It is not an ill, it is not a harm. Thus this lady is on a hiding to nowhere:

Woman born of rape does not count as a victim, say police as she seeks to prosecute her birth father

Being born is not the creation of a tort.…

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Jeffrey Epstein Isn’t A Paedophile – An Ephebophile Perhaps

Sure and we know why this word, paedophile, is being bandied about. Because having sex with children is something that we all agree is wrong. So, therefore, if there’s some sexuality that we think is not on we brand it paedophilia so that all agree with us.

It’s a rhetorical trick no more noxious than any other such but it is a rhetorical trick.

My own opinion of Jeffrey Epstein is that he’s a scumbag who should be locked up.…

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The Law On Privacy Might Have Gone A Bit Too Far

So the bloke decides to flash – well, more than that – in public. And a woman films it. Which leads to a prosecution for her breach of his privacy:

A TRAIN passenger who filmed a man who was masturbating while looking directly at her could be fined £40,000 for invading his privacy. Natacha Bras, 37, claims the alleged pervert moved seat to sit close to her before performing the sex act on the journey from Paris to Poitiers.

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How Can The Pregnant Woman – Marshae Jones – Who Got Shot Be Charged Over The Foetus’ Death?

This is going to provoke outrage but there’s a rather simple explanation to it. A pregnant woman has been charged over the death of her foetus. But she, that pregnant woman, is the one who got shot, causing the death of the baby. So, why isn’t the person who fired the shot getting charged? You know, if it’s going to be murder, or manslaughter, or child endangerment, or procuring a miscarriage, then why isn’t it the person who actually did those things?…

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How Much Money Have Remain Got?

Remain supporters are now taking BoJo to court for his fairly reasonable bus based EU funding claim. This looks like a nuisance prosecution rather than a serious attempt to establish a precedent. They would go for something else if it was a serious attempt to stop political fibs. Osbornes half a million unemployed by the summer claim is a much easier target.

OK it’s probably broadly malicious. But they seem ready to blow up to half a million on it, just to waste BoJos time and presumable some Leave money.…

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Unintended Consequences – Domestic Abusers To Be Banned From Contacting Own Children

The Law of Unintended Consequences is one of those that we’re never going to be able to repeal. Meaning that we do have to examine any proposal for what it will cause, not just what we hope or intend it will. So it is with this idea that domestic abusers should be banned and barred from contact with their own children. What will happen is that allegations of domestic abuse will rise.

Abusive partners could be banned from seeing their children as MoJ launches inquiry into family courts Now note what is being said there.

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An Anglo Saxon Wave To The UN – Assange’s Sentence Is Disproportionate Apparently

The United Nations – or at least some part of it – is protesting that Julian Assange’s 50 week sentence for skipping bail is excessive. The correct reaction to this news being a cheery two fingered Anglo Saxon Wave. We’ll decide upon our justice system, thanks very much. Especially when there’s that hint of a soupcon of the thought that the protests are because they like the manner that Assange sticks it to The Man rather than a dutiful consideration of the facts of the case.…

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Quite Correct, Don’t Change Assisted Suicide Law, Just Ignore It When Necessary

We have that wonder of wonders, a judge actually getting what the law should be correct. For what is being said is that we should not change the laws on assisted suicide – and definitely not on euthanasia – but should instead ignore the laws we’ve got when necessary. Or even convenient. Which is indeed the correct way to be thinking about these things.

Any system of killing people is going to have mistakes in it.…

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