Of Course Megyn Kelly Gets The Full $30 Million From NBC – Explained

Megyn Kelly has now parted ways with NBC as that contract to do shows with them didn’t quite work – and she’s getting the full value of the 3 year contract to leave too, another $30 million for not working there. The original contract was an eye popping $69 million which is one thing but given that the contract’s about half way through and she’s leaving she still gets that other half of the loot – that $30 million.…

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Progressives Don’t Understand Business – Megyn Kelly Contract Edition

ThinkProgress is riling itself up all into a rage over the idea that Megyn Kelly might gain $30 million or so for being fired let go from her broadcasting contract. This is just symptomatic of the manner in which all those rich people get protected from the consequences of their own failures.

Well, no, dunderheads. It’s the way that people write contracts in business. And they write them this way for very good reason too. We can be explain this by reference to the Peter Principle.…

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