NEF – Somewhere Between Ignorant And Insane

It was Giles Wilkes who pointed out that the New Economics Foundation is really Not Economics Frankly. A contention nicely proven by the latest screed from the CEO of NEF.

The government’s fiscal rules, in effect, have been shot to pieces: rules that have been a centrepiece of successive budgets that have driven cuts in public spending for nearly a decade.

Tax as a percentage of GDP is higher now than it was under the Brown Terror.…

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NEF’s Idiot Plans To Solve The Housing Problem

There’s a reason why New Economics Foundation stands for Not Economics Frankly. That reason on display here with the plan for reforming the housing market.

New figures released on Wednesday confirmed what we already knew: homeownership is becoming increasingly out of reach for young people. A survey by Santander found 70% of 18- to 34-year-olds now believe that homeownership is over for their generation. Our housing system has been allowed to degenerate to such an extent that secure and affordable housing is increasingly unavailable to working-class people, and in many places middle-class people too.

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Why NEF Stands For Not Economics Frankly

It is Giles Wilkes we have to thank for the description of the new economics foundation as not economics frankly. Something well proven in their latest report on the idea of a Universal Basic Income. Their answer being that it won’t work because it will be too expensive.

That’s not, of course, the reason why they say this. That rather comes from their funders. For the report is funded by Public Services International – the trade union for trade unions for public employees.…

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Apparently The New Economics Foundation Employs Gibbering Idiots

We should all have a four day week, oh yes, we should. And, of course, in the fullness of time, we will, for that’s what human beings do. We take some portion of our increasing wealth as extra leisure.

That doesn’t excuse this from someone who is apparently paid by the New Economics Foundation – works there would be an exaggeration.

The four-day week – without a reduction in pay – would drastically improve our economy and our society.

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NEF’s Error – A Universal Income Is On Top Of The Tax Allowance, Not Instead

The New Economics Foundation – usually known as not economics frankly – tells us that we should abolish the personal allowance for income tax and instead have a near £50 a week universal basic income. This isn’t the right way to be doing it at all – the point is to free the poor from high marginal tax rates, not to further trap them in that destitute state.

And I speak as one of the two that managed to get that personal allowance raised up to that £12,500 it soon will be.…

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