The Great HRT Disaster – NHS Price Fixing To Blame

I find this extremely amusing I do. No, not the idea that there are millions of women now screaming at their partners as a result of the change of life – not that sort of amusement. Rather, that there’s a cock up here and near no one will take the correct message from it, learn the right lesson.

Don’t screw with markets.

But that’s just what has been done. HRT is now difficult to find – the actual drugs themselves that is – because the National Health Service decided to fix the price.…

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Two Numbers To Know About The NHS

The Senior Lecturer Emeritus at Islington Technical College tells us two numbers that we need to know about the National Health Service. He’s right in that these are two important numbers. Given who he is he manages to gain entirely the wrong conclusions but then that’s rather what we’d expect.

Health spending has risen by an average of 3.7% per year since the NHS was founded, but only by 1.5% since 2010.

The relationship between input and output is known as productivity.…

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Because The NHS Is A Producer Led, Stalinist, Monstrosity

From our ever popular series “Questions In The Observer We Can Answer“:

Why is it so hard to allow mothers the kind of labour they want?
Catherine Bennett

Consumer desire is only met when producers have to take account of consumer desire in order to get their paycheques. Thus if we have a system where provision is planned based upon averages and population profiles, where everyone gets paid whatever the poor punter thinks about the goods or services being provided, very few will in fact gain what they really want.…

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Free Heroin On The NHS – What Took So Long?

This is an obviously good idea the only complaint about it is how long it took them to institute it:

Addicts are to be supplied with free heroin at the NHS’s first drug-assisted treatment centre in a “last resort” bid to combat the highest drug death rates in Europe.

The drug addicts will get medical grade heroin to inject up to three a times a day supervised by NHS nurses and health experts at the Heroin Assisted Treatment” (HAT) centre in Glasgow, which will be unveiled this week.

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What Is Jezza Burbling About Over Drugs, The NHS And Trade Deals?

I’m having a really hard time understanding what it is that is being moaned about over the NHS, drug prices and trade deals. Corbyn’s making a large deal out of what I can’t see as being a problem in the slightest:

There is a plot against our NHS. Boris Johnson is engaged in a cover-up of secret talks for a sell-out American trade deal that would drive up the cost of medicines and lead to runaway privatisation of our health service.

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How Excellent, The NHS Pays Private Hospitals

This is a weird thing to be complaining about. The National Health Services goes and buys medical services from private sector providers:

The number of NHS patients having surgery in private hospitals has nearly trebled since 2010, sparking accusations that for-profit companies are benefitting from an “enfeebled” health system under the Conservatives.

NHS figures obtained by the Guardian show that it paid for 214,967 people in England to have an operation in a private hospital in 2009-10, Labour’s last year in power.

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Truly, The Guardian Is Written By The Insane

Or, perhaps, the Guardian is written by the ignorant, your call.

So, we’ve a screed from a GP about how appalling it would be if we replaced the National Health service with American style health care. OK, good so far, that American system is about the only one which is worse than the current NHS. After that it all rather falls apart though:

As a GP working in London, it is not uncommon for me to hear people say they can’t afford prescription charges, or that they don’t have the money to buy their medication until they get paid at the end of the month.

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About Polly Toynbee On The Shortage Of Nurses

Of course it’s true that anything and everything that goes wrong, or is not even up to the hoped for standards, is the fault of the Tories. The baby eaters they are.

This might not actually be quite true, despite that being the template for a Polly Toynbee column. An example here:

Exhibit number two in the Tories’ destruction of our health service: the NHS has just published its highest ever rate of vacant posts for nurses, at more than 43,000 missing roles.

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The NHS Kills 30,000 People Every Year

We’re told that Google’s Deep Mind can identify a problem before it kills people. That’s good, that’s nice. But now read the story the other way around. Currently the NHS kills 30,000 people a year through simple incompetence. Not such a good story now, is it?

Artificial intelligence designed by Google’s DeepMind can now predict deadly kidney injury two days before it happens, in a breakthrough which could save the lives of 30,000 NHS patients each year.

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