Why Does The Observer Think Taxpayers Should Build Fibreoptic?

That government has a hand in making sure that infrastructure is built seems sensible enough. They are, after all, the people who control the planning system that allows infrastructure to be built. But that government must build it? Why?

Consider, for a moment. Whether a motorway, where it goes if there is to be one, OK, why not government? But there’s nothing which says that it should be government workers wielding the spades. Or, say, government has a role in regulating the spectrum over which mobile internet signals travel.…

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Sheesh – The Observer Insists The Bank Of England Should Stop QE From Working

That not all people grasp all of the intricacies of economics is true. And that’s also fine, we don’t all need to understand it, just as we don’t all need to grasp the intricacies of oncology nor the difference between line, clog and ballet dancing. Those who are interested can bother, the rest of us can contemplate Rula Lenska instead.

However, if your employment is to produce economic leaders for a national newspaper then it might be a good idea to bone up – just a little maybe – on the subject under discussion, economics.…

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If Only The Observer Had A Clue About Economics

There was a time when The Observer did in fact understand this socioeconomic polity around us. Sure, they were on the left of the argument even back then but that was when being on the left was being on the right, correct, side. You know, free trade, international markets, globalisation, all that stuff, in opposition to the more conservative protectionism. Things have changed somewhat.

No, not just that they’re hopelessly woke and all that. But they’ve not got the economic chops, the hinterland in theory and knowledge, to be able to understand what they’re being told.…

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Can We Get This Straight Please? Britons Should Be Saving Less And Borrowing More

There is only one manner in which this editorial by The Observer could be correct – that the recession is over and the Good Times are back. Since this isn’t what the Observer believes we must therefore assume that the people who wrote it haven’t a clue what they’re talking about:

A decade after the crash, we still borrow too much and invest too little

Start with basic Keynes. There’s something called the paradox of thrift.…

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The Observer On Sir Philip Green And BHS- How Does This Work Then?

It is necessary to ponder a moment to grasp the full idiocy of this view being promulgated by The Observer. One must taste the argument, gnaw on it a little, in order to discover that it’s spun cotton candy rather than anything of substance. Worse than that in fact, it’s entirely misleading.

It comes from Sonia Sadha, who apparently writes the leaders for the paper as well as dribbles a column out from time to time:

But the divide is not just about resources.

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Idiot Headline Of The Day – Guardianisation Of The Observer Continues apace

One of the little battles going on in the British newspaper business is within The Guardian group. They’ve owned The Observer for some time now and there has long been an attempt to make The O into just The Sunday G.

Ah, for people who don’t know. Traditionally Sunday papers in the UK have been near entirely separate titles from the daily paper even if of the same name. Sometimes they even had different ownership – The Times and The Sunday Times didn’t always move as a pair.…

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