Paul Mason’s Problem With Economics

It’s a pretty big problem here, the one that Paul Mason has with the basics of economics:

The Institute for Fiscal Studies seems unable to imagine an economic model that is different from the one we have

Economics does not even attempt to be a normative science, one which describes what should be. It is positive, this is what is. Thus the idea that we can have “another economics” is in itself nonsense. What we’ve currently got is what we should have, a set of tools by which to measure the impact of policy upon reality.…

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It Appears That Paul Mason Can’t Count

So, the Brecon byelection, given that a couple of lefty parties stood down then one of the not so lefty parties was able to beat the two major rightie parties standing. OK, united beats split, that’s not exactly a surprise in a first past the post electoral system:

The Liberal Democrats won because Plaid Cymru and the Greens stood down, in an explicit electoral pact. The Tories could have inched it had the Brexit party also stood down.

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Paul Mason’s Most Amusing Hope Over Brexit

Paul Mason treats us to his views on Brexit. A rather amusing stance he’s taken too. For he’s reversed the usual and basic stance from that far left wing to argue that the current system is reformable in order to make it palatable or even acceptable. This being in entire opposition to the standard left wing view of anything which is, essentially enough, the whole system’s so rotten we need to blow it up and start again.…

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