Paul Mason’s Most Amusing Hope Over Brexit


Paul Mason treats us to his views on Brexit. A rather amusing stance he’s taken too. For he’s reversed the usual and basic stance from that far left wing to argue that the current system is reformable in order to make it palatable or even acceptable. This being in entire opposition to the standard left wing view of anything which is, essentially enough, the whole system’s so rotten we need to blow it up and start again.

It’s me and people like me who are taking that tankie view of the EU of course. That the system is unreformable and needs to be blown up and we all start again. Sure, obviously, we need to cooperate with the countries of Europe. They start only 26 miles away after all. We want to trade with them, work on matters of mutual interest and all that jazz. But we just can’t do it through the mediation of this system just gagging for the creation of the European superstate. That is, we’re the revolutionaries and it’s Mason and the like who think the system is basically sound, needs just the occasional tweak.

Which is amusing, no?

Sometimes, in politics, you just have to fight for what you believe in. I believe that – amid the current geopolitical meltdown – staying in the European Union and reforming it is safer than casting ourselves adrift with a bunch of rightwing Tory xenophobes at the helm.

Isn’t that a milquetoast argument for a right on revolutionary like Mason? What amusements can be gained from Brexit….

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