No Way There Were 1 Million On The Peoples’ March – 300,000 Maybe

So another Remain number and assertion bites the dust. All of which does rather beg the question of whether they’re right on the Big One – that Britain should stay in the European Union. Their claim that there were one million on that Peoples’ March over the weekend is now proven to be hot air:

Impartial fact checkers Full Fact carefully examined their claim that one million people attended their march on Saturday, finding that “experts in crowd estimation put the number at between 312,000 and 400,000.”

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There Weren’t A Million On The Peoples’ March – Far From It For They Overestimate

We could say they just overestimate or we could, of course, call it what it is – lying in the name of a political goal. Quite why lying in pursuit of some political goal is treated more leniently than in chasing after any other is uncertain but that is the way it all works. The Peoples’ March didn’t have a million people on it yesterday. We know this best by looking at their claims of the previous one which were more than just a little overcooked:

One million join march against Brexit as Tories plan to oust May
Organisers hail UK’s ‘biggest-ever demo’, while Tom Watson leads calls for fresh referendum

No, not really.…

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Surprisingly, The Guardian Gets It Right About The Brexit Peoples’ Vote

Those who don’t like this idea of popular democracy by referendum are marching in London to have a popular referendum. The confusion of this idea is less than apparent to those wearing out their shoe leather. But, you know, everyones’ right to make a tit of themselves. What does amuse is that it’s The Guardian that actually publishes a piece telling us the truth here. We’ve already had that vote and Leave won:

March in London calling for people’s vote on Brexit
Celebrities are among the hundreds of thousands of people expected to call for a final vote on a Brexit deal later.

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