The Leave Petition Was Gamed – 72,000 Verified Signatures Cost £22

Just as with those reports of the crowds at the Peoples’ March – you know, the ones grossly overestimating the number of federasts willing to publicly be so* – the Remain petition claiming 6 million signatures is grossly overestimating.

For that petitions site is easy enough to game. Some peeps having gone off and shown how easy it is to game. They spent an entire £22 over the weekend to gain 72,000 verified signatures on that very petition.…

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Remain Petition’s 6 Million Signers Include Nigel Farage, A Hitler (CBE) and Idi Amin – 700 Times

The usual federasts are making much of the Remain – cancel Article 50 that is – petition reaching 6 million signatures. This may not be all that much of an achievement as there’s no check to make sure that it’s actually a real person signing. Or a resident, someone with the right to vote or, even, just one very pissed off bloke with millions of email addresses. The result is that it’s been signed by one A Hitler (CBE), Nigel Farage apparently and Idi Amin, the King of Scotland himself, has arisen from the grave to scribble his name at least 700 times.…

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