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The Leave Petition Was Gamed – 72,000 Verified Signatures Cost £22

Just as with those reports of the crowds at the Peoples’ March – you know, the ones grossly overestimating the number of federasts willing to publicly be so* – the Remain petition claiming 6 million signatures is grossly overestimating.

For that petitions site is easy enough to game. Some peeps having gone off and shown how easy it is to game. They spent an entire £22 over the weekend to gain 72,000 verified signatures on that very petition.

No, really:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Over the weekend we managed to get just over 72,000 ‘signatures’ submitted successfully to the service. These all had unique names, email addresses, and valid UK postcodes. All submissions were verified by email.[/perfectpullquote]

Do note that this was just a test by some people interested in what could be done at a technical level. How may people have actively been doing this to bias the result is another matter:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The petition to revoke Article 50 has received millions of signatures. It looked pretty obvious to us that it was being gamed by bots to make false political capital, thereby seriously devaluing the UK Government’s platform for digital democracy. So we tested it for ourselves. In a single weekend, using just one spare server and with a budget of £22, we were able to make 72,000 confirmed robotic entries. Imagine if we’d put any real effort and resources into it![/perfectpullquote]

And who doesn’t think the federasts have been putting real effort and resources into it?

All of which tells us something very important about the European Union. If it were so obvious that it’s a great thing to be in, a terrible shame to be leaving, then people wouldn’t cheat and lie to keep us in, would they? Those benefits would be obvious to anyone with the eyes to look.

As we might put it, when we consider those who would keep us in the only sensible solution is to Leave. Like, last Friday by preference.

*We assume that public marches for federasts are as to Hampstead Heath for…..

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Tristram Fuller
Tristram Fuller
2 years ago

But 16 million voted to remain so 6 million isn’t so many in fact its a reduction…

How about adding a print button for your articles ?

2 years ago

The count over the last weekend (30-31/03) only increased by ~43000 signings, so I don’t see how anyone got the number 72000. Smells like BS to me. There was a sharp increase in the day before it was discussed in parliament, otherwise it has been trickling along.

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