The Pill Changed Pre-Marital Bonking More Than Extra-Marital

An interesting – for a change – piece from Yvonne Roberts talking about that great sexual revolution of the 1960s. Yes, Women’s Lib, the sexual revolution, the pill and all that. But there’s an interesting point that she rather skates over. Or perhaps doesn’t quite recognise, even if the ingredients are all there.

Extramarital sex wasn’t invented in the 60s, as the myth-makers have it, but it was encouraged by improved contraception and liberalised legislation on homosexuality, abortion and divorce.

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Grandma Knew – Catholic Rhythm Method As Good Contraception As The Pill

Contrary to current folk belief the idea of having sex for fun rather than just the propagation of children is not a new idea. Our forbears did know about this. And they had a good method of contraception too, being able to count. This ability leading to the rhythm method, something around and about as good as the pill in preventing conception. In fact, it’s rather better than some barrier methods – the condom would appear to have a higher failure rate in fact.…

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The Contraceptive Pill Blurs Women’s Ability To Read Subtle Emotional Clues

This shouldn’t be all that much of a surprise to those of us who subscribe to the Darwinian theory of the War Between the Sexes. Taking the contraceptive pill blurs women’s ability to read subtle emotional clues.

No, not because being infertile by chemical agency dulls the mind, but because being fertile sharpens.

Taking the pill makes women less able to read emotions in other people, according to new research. The study found that the oral contraceptive may be blurring social judgement when it comes to discerning more subtle facial expressions.

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The Problem With A Male Contraceptive Pill

Apparently we’ve got another version of a male contraceptive pill – one that doesn’t have side effects like diminishing libido and thus making contraception something of a moot point. Yes, this is indeed an advance in human civilisation and will be of benefit to some to many. But it’s not going to be quite the game changer that some seem to think. Just because men aren’t as interested in contraception as women are. For we face the pig and the chicken deciding what to have for breakfast problem here.…

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