Bringing Civil Liberty To Campus – DeVos’ Sexual Misconduct Rules Protect The Accused

That there’s more than just a whiff of kangaroo courts in how sexual misconduct allegations are handled on campus is obvious enough. The accused not actually being able to hear the evidence against them, no questioning of any witnesses nor the accuser, retrospective changes in consent and all that. This is even before we get to the politics behind it all – it simply cannot be true that one in four, one in five, women is sexually assaulted on campus.…

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Rotherham Here We Come Again – 31 Charged In Huddersfield For Child Rape And Trafficking

There’s something that has gone seriously wrong in certain Northern towns. For we’ve another of these cases of children being sexually abused, even raped and trafficked. This is not the “normal” sort of vileness that has always happened, this is something new. It’s the mass abuse of the vulnerable by a large group of people who seem to think them something less than human. This is what did happen in Rotherham and what is alleged did here in Huddersfield:

A gang of 31 people in Huddersfield have been charged with offences including rape and trafficking after an investigation into sexual offences against children.

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Despite The Headlines You Don’t Get Half A House For Living With Someone

Just every paper is running a story about a lesbian couple. One went out to work and made lots of money. One stayed home and ran the house. Now they’ve split, the homemaker has half the house. Fair or not?

Except that’s not the actual point at issue in the slightest. No, you don’t get half the house for being a homemaker. This isn’t true of hetero couples nor is it true of any other mixture of genders or sexual tastes.…

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If Straights Can’t Play Gays, Does That Mean Gays Can’t Play Straights?

Something odd is going on over in the world of make believe. There’s seems to be considerable confusion over what acting is all about – pretending. That being the job of an actor, to pretend. There are very few Danish princes treading the boards but someone has to play Hamlet. Oddly enough those shot, blown up and stabbed on screen don’t in fact die, they get up again and still do panto at Christmas. Not all the people playing the good guys really do rescue kittens as a hobby even though it is of course true that all the bad guys really do eat babies for breakfast.…

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The Report Into Sex Abuse Allegations At Downside And Ampleforth

The report into historic reports of sexual abuse of children at Ampleforth and Downside has been released. There’s a personal interest here as I attended Downside from 1976 to 1981. The report confirms what I thought I knew about the incidence of such abuse. At least as far as I knew/know, as far as the report has uncovered, it wasn’t happening there at that time. The Great Subject of sexual gossip at that time was – and presumably can continue to be – the exact nature of the relationship between one monk/housemaster and Joanna Lumley.…

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Don’t Ban Digital Child Pornography, Subsidise It Instead

There’s a good argument that instead of trying to ban digital child pornography we should be subsidising it instead. But such is the quality of the Great and the Good who rule us that it would simply never become law. The point is that porn reduces the acting out of sexual desires. No, not in every single case but the balance over the population is that this is so. Thus more porn means less of the actual crime itself that we’re trying to get away from.…

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Which Sex Robot Argument Can’t Be Used Against Rampant Rabbits?

It is entirely true that the invention and existence of realistic sex robots will change the balance of power between the sexes. There’s an awful lot the average man will do in order to gain access to sex after all. The restaurant and nightclub industries are proof of quite how much too, to say nothing of the cut flower and posh shoes ones. Thus some technology which provides that end goal without the effort and expense is going to change matters.…

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One Idea Must Be Wrong, India To Keep Adultery Illegal, Legalise Same-Sex Sex

India’s offering an interesting example of how illogic can reign when societal norms change. This is not – not here at least – to say that any particular set of societal norms are better or even more moral than another. It’s just to point out that as we transition from one set of norms to another we can end up with some logic defying insistences along the way. For India seems to be on the verge of legalising same sex sexual relations, while the government is arguing that adultery must remain illegal.…

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UK To Ban Gay Therapy – Yes, BadThink About Sex To Be Illegal

The not too distant past saw homosexual men – that was indeed the description then – prosecuted for the manner in which they had sex with other consenting adults. An outrage. That English law never made quite the same point about lesbian sex is, anecdotally, because Queen Victoria refused to believe such a thing could happen. Nice anecdote but.

We’ve now moved on and the world is a better place for it. Except, well, it’s possible to have more than the tiniest concern about the latest manifestation of this modern liberality.…

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THE METROPOLITANS — Episode Seventeen

A saga of everyday life in the Big L and a wry look at contemporary culture

Episode Seventeen


Previously, Anna has been on holiday to Corfu and has now returned to the UK.


Anna gazed at the posters on the wall. A human circulatory system. A BMI chart. Typical ligament injuries.

‘How are you feeling today, Anna?’

She snapped her head around to look at her doctor. ‘Fine, fine.’

‘We’ve had the results of the tests.…

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