More Trees Is Good – But Is Ethiopia’s Target For 4 Billion Planted This Year?

That many countries have lost their forest cover as they developed is entirely true. That those which have developed have regained it is also true – the US now most certainly has more forest cover than it did in the 1920s – the low point in the development process and arguably more than it did in the 1300s, before the arrival of Europeans.

The process being that inefficient agriculture requires a lot of land, efficient much less.…

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Instead Of Warren’s $100 Billion Opioids Plan Why Not Something That Works – Legalising Heroin?

Senator Elizabeth Warren is just licking her lips at being able to spend another $100 billion of our money. This time it’s to solve the opioids crisis- which she’ll do in the normal for Progressives manner of throwing money at things that don’t work but just measure how much is being spent! At which point we’d do well to try suggesting something that would actually work – legalising heroin. And proper, full, legalisation too. People get to manufacture and distribute legally, create brands and gain public acknowledgement of them.…

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Elizabeth Warren’s Plan Would Take Money From Black Schools And Give It To White

Elizabeth Warren has a plan to sort out the higher maternal mortality rate among black women in America. She’s going to fine hospitals that have high rates and give more money to hospitals that have low rates. Hmm, well, sure, incentives matter.

But there is a slight problem with this idea. Imagine that we applied exactly the same one to, say, high schools. We’d end up taking money away from schools with predominantly black populations and giving more to those with disproportionately white ones.…

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Brexit, The Gift That Never Stops Giving

As to what is actually going to happen given Theresa May’s loss last night who knows. We can always hope, eh? We crash out to WTO terms on March 29th and we’re free at last. The betting money doesn’t seem to think so but that’s a measure of peoples’ views rather than anything else – it’s the weight of money moving the odds, not the bookmakers.

The thing being that the current default is that no deal exit.…

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Ro Khanna’s Plan Solves A Problem America Doesn’t Normally Have

Political proposals generally fall into one of two groups. Grossly foolish methods of something that needs to be done and perfectly sensible plans for things that don’t need to be done. The few that are decent plans for something that needs to happen are so rare that they’re immediately obvious to all – sticking all the politicians well away from the voters in a Virginia swamp for example.

Ro Khanna is proposing a perfectly reasonable plan here, something to deal with long term unemployment.…

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