Polly Toynbee Doesn’t Understand Human Rights

Or at least Polly Toynbee makes a claim about human rights which is at odds with the actualite. She seems to think that the European Union is both the source of and guarantor of human rights legislation in the UK. This is not in fact true and leaving the EU makes no difference to which court rules on hte subject of the rules which such a court decides upon.

Because, you know, humans rights legislation doesn’t stem from the EU:

What is all too possible is a blue wave sweeping all before it to wipe out all that tactical nuancing of each seat.

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Polly Toynbee And The Horrendous Rise In Child Poverty

Polly Toynbee wants to tell us that there’s been an horrendous rise in child poverty in the UK in recent years. Something so shaming that we should all go and vote Labour:

Gordon Brown is making thundering poverty speeches this week. “I remember Tia well,” he tells me, eager to help her. “I remember that Monday before the election. Both Cameron and [Nick] Clegg made big poverty pledges they broke immediately. The Liberal Democrat anti-austerity manifesto was a worse U-turn than on student fees.”

Brown, who cut child poverty by a million, points to the treatment of poor people since he left office.

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One Day Someone Will Actually Please Polly Toynbee

We must be careful here for the meaning is not quite someone will one day pleasure Polly Toynbee. She has children so we must assume that happened at some point. Rather, someone will manage to take a political action – one not previously insisted upon by Polly that is – which will please her, provide her with pleasure.

That day isn’t today, obviously:

Stop all those clocks in Downing Street, counting down to the Halloween Brexit.

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About Polly Toynbee On The Shortage Of Nurses

Of course it’s true that anything and everything that goes wrong, or is not even up to the hoped for standards, is the fault of the Tories. The baby eaters they are.

This might not actually be quite true, despite that being the template for a Polly Toynbee column. An example here:

Exhibit number two in the Tories’ destruction of our health service: the NHS has just published its highest ever rate of vacant posts for nurses, at more than 43,000 missing roles.

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Why Complain About “The British Tribe Next Door”?

It’s entirely possible that something might not be good TV. It can also be in bad taste, made by Owen Jones or in other forms just pretty crap. However, this looks like a very strange complaint to have:

There are so many ways in which The British Tribe Next Door is offensive that it’s arguably amazing the TV programme ever made it to the screen.

The first episode of Channel 4’s series – which sends the British reality TV star Scarlett Moffatt and her family to live with a traditional Namibian tribe, and both sides examine the material excesses of the family’s western lives – has aired to a chorus of outrage from activist groups such as the anti-colonialism group No White Saviors.

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For Polly Toynbee- But The Destruction Of UK Farming Is Exactly How Brexit Was Sold

Polly Toynbee tells us that a Brexit to full on free trade would be the death of the current system of British farming. She’s entirely right, it would be. She also tells us that this wasn’t how Brexit was sold – which is her error. For this is exactly how it was sold. I do in fact know this, I was one of the people doing the selling. And I’ve been shouting for well over a decade now that a major benefit of Brexit would be that we could repeal our modern day Corn Laws and all enjoy substantially cheaper food.…

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To Explain Polly Toynbee And Boris Johnson

Polly Toynbee has a visceral hatred of Boris Johnson. A truly vicious despising of the man and the ground he walks upon. Which could be fair enough to be honest, he’s certainly a cad which is would engender the vituperation from any generation’s matriarchs – of which Polly is one of ours of course.

Even so this is pretty strong:

The charm, the magic, the charisma were well polished – and this is as good as the man gets on best behaviour after weeks of behind-the-scenes training.

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If Only Polly Toynbee Understood The Very Problem She Points At Over Brexit

Yes, we know, Polly Toynbee is an ardent Remainer. Not for any real reason we suspect, rather because the sort of people she doesn’t like trend Leave. But, you know, politics, all that. Friend’s friend is my enemy or however it goes.

However, when identifying what the problem is it’s helpful to be able to identify the actual problem:

We’ll come out, deal or no deal, on 31 October. That’s the spirit! We’ve got to have the courage to tell the people of this country we can do it if we really want to.” So says Boris Johnson in his jaunty launch video, all blind faith that he alone can leap the Brexit impasse when he is anointed prime minister (odds now 11/10).

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Dawn Foster Insists Polly Toynbee Should Retire – The Column Blocker!

That’s probably the way we should read Dawn Foster today. How very dare the Reine Regnante of the socially caring left continue to block the rise to national prominence of younger, fitter, columnists?

Retirement should be a right. But it’s in danger of becoming a privilege for the rich
Dawn Foster

Of course, there’s a certain amount of dressing up the insistence but:

….more than twice as many people over 70 are working now than a decade ago.

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To Answer The Guardian About Mediocre Students At Oxford – Polly Toynbee

The Guardian asks us about mediocre students getting into Oxbridge to which the correct response is Polly Toynbee. The background to this is that scandal over in the US where people paid to allow their children to cheat on the exams. We, of course, don’t do such things here. We fix society in a rather different manner.

The Guardian’s headlines:

The US admissions scandal: have any mediocre students ever ended up at Oxbridge?
What’s the best path to a top education in the UK if your grades fall short?

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