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Why Complain About “The British Tribe Next Door”?

It’s entirely possible that something might not be good TV. It can also be in bad taste, made by Owen Jones or in other forms just pretty crap. However, this looks like a very strange complaint to have:

There are so many ways in which The British Tribe Next Door is offensive that it’s arguably amazing the TV programme ever made it to the screen.

The first episode of Channel 4’s series – which sends the British reality TV star Scarlett Moffatt and her family to live with a traditional Namibian tribe, and both sides examine the material excesses of the family’s western lives – has aired to a chorus of outrage from activist groups such as the anti-colonialism group No White Saviors. Chief among its sins is peddling the spectacularly dated myth that all Africans live in mud huts and wear tribal dress.

Some do and many don’t. OK.

We are in fact allowed to make TV about the some rather than the many, yes?

After all, not all of us rail about the cuts to the NHS that have never happened but Polly Toynbee still gets screen time, yes?

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Bloke in North Dorset
Bloke in North Dorset
4 years ago

has aired to a chorus of outrage from activist groups

I’ll bet they didn’t see that coming …

Has anything been made, written or broadcast recently that didn’t prompt a chorus of outrage from activists?

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