Blimey, Banks Close Branches In Poor Places, Not Rich Ones

The Guardian seems to have a certain difficulty in understanding what a bank is, what a bank is for, here. It’s a mechanism by which the shareholders hope to enrich themselves. Sure, things can go wrong with that desire but that is the function of such an organisation. Once we’ve understood that then the rest here makes sense:

Banks are closing branches in deprived communities in England four times faster than in wealthy areas. High street banks have collectively closed 990 branches in the most deprived areas of the country since 2010, compared with 230 in the richest local authorities.

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Rather Kills Socialism – Poor People Are Poor Because Their Parents Were Stupid

It is possible to discuss this matter in slightly less inflammatory words than that headline but the essential point being made isn’t far off. Poor people are poor because their parents were poor.

Of course, that doesn’t invalidate the socialist argument because that’s what they also claim. That rich people use their riches in this generation to insist that their children shall also be rich. Inherited privilege and Brothers, We Must Smash It!

Except this new finding is that it’s not through the environment, that purchase of privilege, that the intergenerational continuance of wealth happens.…

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Astonishing Surprise! Poor People Are Poor!

Isn’t this just a turn up for the books. When the intrepid researchers went to interview the poor people who turned up at food banks they found out that they were poor. Colour us all entirely surprised, eh? Specifically, people who desired free food had high housing costs compared to their incomes. Well, yes, and? And, well, actually, this is what is regarded as cutting edge research from the modern university. Perhaps that expansion of them wasn’t all that wise an idea?

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How Depressing, Another Whitey Self Hating Myth Turns Out To Be Colei*

The number of things that the standard left wing narrative is entirely wrong about is of course impressive. But this one, I have to admit, is a new one on me. Apparently it has been a standard insistence – and who the hell knew this? – that poor peeps don’t suffer from depression. Or, perhaps, that people in poor countries don’t suffer from mental illness and depression. What looks like it, feels like it, tastes like it, is instead just a righteous and just reaction to the iniquities of colonialism.…

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All That US Help To Poor Kids In School Makes No Difference At All

At least, no great difference in the gap between poor kids and richer kids in achievements at school. Which is something of a pity because the US does spend a fortune on these things. Might even be better to entirely fire the whole educational structure and use the money saved to just give poor people more money:

US achievement gaps hold steady in the face of substantial policy initiatives
Eric Hanushek, Paul Peterson, Laura M.…

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Poor Kids In Poor Countries Should Die From Cancer

We’ve a complaint that more poor more kids, living in poor countries, that get cancer die of it than richer kids in richer countries do. This’ll sound harsh – it is harsh – but this is the way things should be too. Resources are always scarce and they need to be directed where they can do the most good. In poor places this means not really treating cancer so as to save more lives by doing other things.…

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Cause And Effect – Fast Food Outlets In Poor Areas Contra Rod Liddle

Contrary to the musings of Rod Liddle in the Sunday Times there is a cause and effect going on over the placings of fast food restaurants or outlets in British towns. The provision of burnt chicken and maybemeatburgers to the hoi polloi is a hugely competitive business. This means that it is also low margin. So, where do you put the places that are in a low margin line of business?:

A new study from Oxford and Hong Kong universities suggests people who live in areas with a high density of fast food restaurants are 11% more likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes.

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Income And Benefit Changes An Irrelevance – Poorest 30% Lose 0.3%

It must be really annoying working for somewhere like the Resolution Foundation . One is tasked with producing an everlasting series of reports insisting that we’re all being done down by Capitalism, Neoliberalism and The Man. Only to find that the numbers don’t actually work that way. Today’s shocker is about how inequality continues to increase. Showing, again, how we’re all being done down by The Man, Neoliberalism, Capitalism and no doubt Austerity too. Except, you know, that’s not really what the numbers are showing:

Britain’s poorest 30% of households saw an end to their post financial crash recovery last year as inflation and cuts to in-work benefits outweighed wage rises to leave them as much as £150 worse off.

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