UK Child Poverty Means More Need Free Shoes

That’s one way to read this story. It’s also the way the story is being told. Finally, it’s the wrong way to read the story.

The argument is being made that child poverty is rising so much in the UK that there needs to be a free distribution of shoes. As one set of children grow out of them then they can be sent on to the next age group who are growing into them.

Well, OK, what’s wrong with this picture?…

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Lies Again About Child Destitution And Poverty In Britain

The Guardian tells us that destitution is on the rise in the UK. This is not so – there is no one in the country, absent significant mental health or addiction issues, who is destitute. This sort of absolute poverty is a problem that we’ve solved. We solved it back by the late 1950s, just as Barbara Castle said we did.

But, you know, how exciting would it be if capitalism didn’t need to be overthrown because it sentences children to destitution?…

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Mobile Phones As A Measure Of Poverty

There are frequent reports of rising poverty increasing use of food banks etc. Taken at face value you could be forgiven for thinking that a significant proportion of the population is destitute.

There are 14m in the UK in poverty according to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, that is 22% of the population.

As ever the question is where you draw the line defining “poverty”, and it is a relative concept. If you chose to define “Poverty” as having fewer than 2 Rolls Royces, most of us will be “Poor”.

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UN, Philip Alston, Claim That 75% Of Entire World Are In Destitution

Philip Alston is the UN’s special rapporteur on poverty and he’s been running around the UK preparing a report. Another way of describing the same set of actions is that Alston has been looking for justifications for his propaganda. And, of course, he has found them.

But it’s worth looking at those justifications:

In 2017, 1.5 million people experienced destitution, meaning they had less than £10 a day after housing costs,

That £10 a day, that’s around $5,000 a year.…

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If Only Ed Conway Knew His Economics

Ed Conway is correct in that there is no great inequality crisis – of either income or wealth. But that doesn’t excuse these two blunders:

Look at the gross income divide, in other words the gap before the government gets involved, and the UK and US look almost identical: very unequal indeed. But look again once taxes are deducted and benefits distributed and suddenly it’s a different story: after tax and benefits, US inequality is not much lower than before, while Britain’s income divide diminishes considerably.

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But, But, Why Shouldn’t A Single Mother Working Part Time Be In Poverty?

The fascinating thing here is the assumption The Guardian is making. Our situation is that we’ve a single mother working part time at the bottom of the employment chain. She is thus in poverty. Most certainly in relative poverty – less than 60% of median income suitably adjusted for household size. Yea, this even after she gains her tax credits, whatever housing and child benefit and all that.

Well, OK:

“I’m a bit scatty with things like this,” Gemma admits when talking about her finances.

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UN’s Poverty Guru, Philip Alston, Has No Clue At All

It’s entirely true that modern Britain isn’t perfect, similarly that there are a number of things that can be done to make it a better place. But it is necessary, when devising such plans, to have a clue or two about what the UK is like currently. This being the test entirely failed by Philip Alston, the UN’s Special Rapporteur on poverty.

We’ve taken issue with him before, several times. We’ve even corresponded with him to no avail in correcting his errors.…

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So 2 Million People Will Lose Out On Universal Credit. And, So What?

Much huffling about this new estimate of who will lose out from the switch to Universal Credit. As many as 2 million people will lose some £1,000 a year off the amount they get from sucking at the state’s teat. And?

That’s the thing here, so what?

What we’re supposed to assume is of course that this is awful. Which is to make a terrible logical error:

Almost 2 million people will lose more than £1,000 a year following the switch to universal credit, with those claiming disability benefits the worst affected, according to research by a leading thinktank.

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Truly, There Is No Poverty – Food Stamps Recipients To Get Free Home Delivery Of Food

It’s entirely true that in our current society there are those who have less than others. It’s also said that there is true poverty in our society. That second isn’t really true. Poverty is being measured as having less than others, not as having near nothing. Further, most American poverty is measured before all of the things that we do to alleviate poverty – Section 8, EITC, food stamps and so on.

It is though possible to just stop a moment and consider what people do call poverty in this modern day.…

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The Appalling Truth That 38% Of Private Tenants Are Low Income

We’re clearly being urged to think of this as an outrage. That 38% of people renting in the private sector are on low incomes. How could this be so? What malfeasance of the capitalist plutocrats causes such a disaster?

The answer being that we’re not in Lake Wobegon where all our children are above average. We are, in fact, in the real world.

The statistic is proffered in this Guardian piece:

Furthermore, a 2018 study by the Centre for Housing Policy found that 38% of private renters are on low incomes.

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