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Isn’t Britain Just Such A Horribly Racist Society?

Eradicate peasant farming to get rid of this pollution By Sumita Roy Dutta – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

We must be, eh?

Children in Bangladeshi and Pakistani households were the most likely to live in low income and material deprivation out of all ethnic groups,

How could we, etc.

while children in Indian households were the least likely.


Figure 1 shows that 47% of children living in Pakistani households, and 41% of children living in Bangladeshi households were living in low income. This was 30 and 24 percentage points higher, respectively, than children living in White British households and 27 and 21 percentage points higher than the national average.

In 2018, the Pakistani and Bangladeshi population had a higher rate of unemployment (8%) and the highest rate of economic inactivity (38%). This may explain their higher likelihood of living in low income.

In contrast, Indian and White British children were the least likely to live in low-income households; 17% of children living in Indian and White British households were living in low-income families, three percentage points lower than the national average.

It’s exceedingly difficult to think of any reason why the surrounding British society would be either more or less racist to the two or three different groups from the sub-Continent.

It is possible to muse on the idea that there might be differences among the groups themselves. That is, it’s some attribute of the three groups that explain the differences rather than some attribute of the outside society.

My own immediate thought would be – as something to be investigated you understand, not something asserted as being true – that two of those three sub-Continent derived populations will be largely Muslim, one not. Muslims having, as a matter of choice, fewer of the womenfolk working outside the household.

Our measure of poverty is living in a household – note household – which has less that 60% of median income. Single earner families being more likely, obviously enough, to be in this situation.

There’s an easy way to test this too. Observe Indian and also Muslim households and see whether they accord to the Pakistani/Bangladeshi levels of poverty or the Indian/White.

It’s entirely possible to come up with other possible explanations. Some decent chunk of “Indian” is in fact Ugandan Asian and others derived from the already trading cultures of Gujarat etc. Rather more of the Pakistani and Bangladeshi population is derived from people one generation – if that – off the fields.

The thing that doesn’t explain this difference in poverty rates is the institutional racism of British society. Therefore we’re going to have to insist that it’s not the institutional racism of British society causing it. Some other explanation is necessary.

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John B
John B
4 years ago

The priority for Asian Muslim children is to learn the Koran, Hindi tend to prioritise learning maths, physics, business, etc.

4 years ago

Partition of a nation into two, one of them wedded to a specific ideology, is a marvelous way to test the efficacy of that ideology while holding many other factors constant. Freedom (West Germany, South Korea) produces prosperity. Islam destroys it.

4 years ago
Reply to  Spike

At partition, India’s rulers (Nehru and friends) were wedded to an ideology (democratically-imposed socialism) that opposed freedom so it took two generations before the Indian economy took off. This was despite the encouragement to better oneself in Hinduism.

4 years ago
Reply to  john77

Very true. It took a very long time for socialist India to make economic progress, but those Hindu and Sikh Indians who emigrated tended to do very well, not only in the UK but also Canada and the US

4 years ago

Some other explanation

– take time off to pray seven times per day
– spend a lot of their time plotting how to kill all non-muslims
– prefer raping children to working

Question answered?

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