Women Commit Crimes To Pay For Drugs For Others

This is what we’re being told at least, that women tend to commit crimes so as to pay for the drugs of another. This is clearly showing how women take responsibility for the wider family, the household, it’s part of caring and sharing and thus don’t jail women.

On the other hand we could consider the actual findings, rather than the gloss:

Half of the women in prison committed crimes to support another person’s drug use, mostly men, prison charities have revealed.

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Prison Labour Isn’t Going To Help British Farmers Pick Fruit Post-Brexit

The thought that prison labour, on day release, might be a solution to the distressing lack of Eastern Europeans post-Brexit on British farms is an interesting one. It appears at least to be a viable solution. And yet it commits that basic fallacy of thinking that human labour is homogenous, that we can just assign whomever to whatever and the job gets done. This rather striking against the grain of the one thing we know makes us truly rich, the division and specialisation of labour.…

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Julian Assange Gets A Well Deserved 50 Weeks In Prison For Breaching Bail

Whether or not Julian Assange deserves to be prosecuted by the Americans over Wikileaks, or Sweden over rape allegations, there’s no doubt that he’s bang to rights here. Which is why it’s entirely well deserved that he gets 50 weeks prison for having breached his bail conditions. The thing being that he did indeed breach his bail conditions and no, we don’t allow for exceptions to that. Further, no, it’s not a trivial matter for the majesty of the courts never is a trivial matter:

Julian Assange has been sentenced to 50 weeks in prison for breaching bail and spending seven years holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

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The Cost Of Caging Fellow Human Beings

Recently, the warden general of Ilam, a central province in Iran, provided a routine report that went viral in the social media around the country. The report indicated that each prisoner costs nearly $30 a day, or nearly $11,000 a year. Fine, why not? Doing things costs money and I wouldn’t be surprised if they spent much more on their prisoners in the developed world.
The controversy came in when in an irrelevant interview, the former minister of education happened to mention that every student in the country costs nearly $700 a year, as in less than $2 a day, for the government.
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If We Can’t Have Under 6 Month Jail Sentences Then What Do We Do With The Buggers?

We’re not greatly happy with the idea of short jail sentences. A few weeks here or there seems enough to bugger up a life without acting as all that great a deterrent. Well, unless we think that buggering up a life, losing jobs, housing, families even, is just the sort of deterrent we need. Which, to someone in a comfortable middle class life it might be – who wouldn’t be deterred by a life turned upside down?…

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The Appalling Transphobia Of The British Prison System

Isn’t this just the very terror? Trans prisoners will be held in special trans parts of prisons rather than being accepted and identified as what they are, simply men or women. Quite disgusting cont. pg 94.

That is going to be the line put forward by someone in ooooh, 3…2…1. Rather than a more general agreement that we do in fact have a problem here. Put rather well by Caroline Cossey in a radio interview decades back.…

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Appalling Government Sexism, Quite Vile – More Men Should Go To Jail

If a government minister came out with the statement that more men should go to jail – that is, more men, just because they’re men, should be sentenced to incarceration – then he’d quite rightly be pilloried as the sexist scumbag that he’d just revealed himself to be. We’ve actually got a government minister making the same statement – that fewer women should be sent to jail, just because they’re women – and the progressives are nodding their heads in agreement.…

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