What Do You Call Successful Deregulation Of U.S. Air Fares? A Good Start…

Robert W. Poole, a founder of the libertarian reason magazine and its director of transportation issues, comes full circle after nearly 50 years and again writes about airline deregulation. The U.S. government’s Civil Aeronautics Board used to set prices and restrict entry into the industry, on the chronic assumption that, without regulation, airlines would be eager to kill their customers, undaunted by the threat of lawsuits and boycotts, and unconcerned about their reputations.

The take-aways here:

  • Repeal of the Civil Aeronautics Board was achieved by Democrats, notably Teddy Kennedy.
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The CBI’s Mistake- Brexit Doesn’t Lead To Regulatory Costs

The Confederation of British Industry is telling us that the costs of Brexit will outweigh any benefits from our doing so. More specifically, the costs of different regulatory systems will be higher than the benefits of not having to follow every jot and tittle of European Union regulation. This is not exactly so if we’re honest about it and the reason why is that the CBI hasn’t understood how regulation works.

They should understand it but then there’s not getting a man to believe what his prejudices insist cannot be true, is there?…

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Facebook’s Power Over Our Data – Who Would You Prefer To Have It?

Ellie May O’Hagan makes what she thinks is an entirely uncontroversial statement. One that should in fact set us all thinking because it’s is in fact highly controversial. Sure, Facebook – and others – have vast amounts of data on and about us. Given the technological stage we’re at right now someone, somewhere, is going to have that information. So, who do we want to have it and who do we want to control said data?…

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