Electricity Blackouts, Price Caps, No Coal and Renewables

Just a little thought really, sparked by this placing of stories on the Telegraph’s website:

Electricity problems

What could the connection be?

Possibly that price caps discourage investment in a sector. That planning the insistence upon no coal and the use of renewables leads to instability in supply – and thus frequency – both of which lead to the risk of blackouts.

Aren’t we all so lucky that the authorities have taken no notice whatsoever of the settled science on climate change and decided to solve the problem by having a carbon tax.…

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Serious Stupidity About Electricity And Renewables

Just consider this. Taste it, savour the flavour, then ponder on the gross idiocy necessary to think it a problem.

But ministers have refused to lift a block on support for new onshore wind farms, which are unable to compete for subsidies despite being one of the cheapest forms of electricity.

Why does the cheap form of electricity generation need subsidy?

Answers on a postcard to John Gummer.

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Do These People Even Read Their Own Articles?

As we know Naomi Campbell didn’t even read the novel published under her name let alone write it. Something to think about as we regard these academics and their ruminations upon electricity generation:

Fast-forward to 2019: onshore wind is the UK’s cheapest form of electricity,

OK, excellent, therefore people will be building it in preference to other forms of ‘leccie generation.

So, are energy policymakers listening to the public? The short answer is: no. At present, the UK government is pursuing the energy technologies which receive the lowest levels of public support (nuclear and fracking), while cuts to various subsidy schemes are making it more difficult for popular onshore renewables such as wind and solar to get built.

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Nonsense, Pish And Tosh – Apple Claims To Run On 100% Renewable Energy

Apple is claiming something which isn’t true, that the company now runs on 100% renewable energy. It’s not just not true, it’s nonsense, pish and or, to taste, tosh. No one at all has worked out how to run a 24/7 energy system purely upon renewables. At least, not one that delivers reasonable amounts of power as and when desired. The claim that anyone has is thus a serious misstatement of the truth. It also underplays the difficulties we’ve got in getting the economy to a non-emitting energy system.…

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