If Only Sonia Sadha Understood What Work Actually Is

Sonia Sadha has just made a programme for the BBC about working hours. And sadly she doesn’t understand, in the slightest, what working hours actually are. This is something of a problem when you’re making a programme about working hours.

There are two other reasons to reconsider the length of the working week. We already work a 32-hour week on average (pretty much a four-day week); it’s just that it’s predominantly women who work part-time.

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The Observer On Sir Philip Green And BHS- How Does This Work Then?

It is necessary to ponder a moment to grasp the full idiocy of this view being promulgated by The Observer. One must taste the argument, gnaw on it a little, in order to discover that it’s spun cotton candy rather than anything of substance. Worse than that in fact, it’s entirely misleading.

It comes from Sonia Sadha, who apparently writes the leaders for the paper as well as dribbles a column out from time to time:

But the divide is not just about resources.

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