Sadiq Khan Wants The Power To Bomb London

Sadiq Khan is indeed different from certain of his coreligionists, he doesn’t want to subject London to actual and real bang-bang bombing. He just wants to have as close as possible the same effect upon the housing of The Great Wen.

Sadiq Khan calls for new powers to impose London rent controls


As standard economic theory states, as near all economists agree:

I include a table of propositions to which most economists subscribe, based on various polls of the profession.

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London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, Proves Parkinson’s Law Once Again

Sadiq Khan, unfathomably currently London’s Mayor, has managed to prove Parkinson’s Law once again. This is not prove as in test, one meaning, but prove as in show correct, the other such. It’s also not Parkinson’s Plain, that work expands to fill the time available for its completion, but Parkinson’s Derivative, that bureaucracies always grow, that’s just what bureaucracies do. Khan has proved this, obviously enough, by expanding his own bureaucracy to no good effect. You know, what the Hell, it’s only taxpayers’ money, right?…

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Sadiq Khan Wants To Offer Uber Monopoly Profits In London

Sadiq Khan is suggesting that he should enact monopoly profits for Uber in London. This isn’t quite what he’s saying publicly but it is what he means – whether or not he knows it himself. If he does know it then he’s obviously not the sort we want running the city, if he doesn’t then he’s too damn stupid to be the one running the city. That idea of donating monopoly profits to a supplier being one of those things we don’t want our rulers doing of course.…

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Sadiq Khan Plans To Kill London In The Name Of Health Protection

There are excellent reasons for varied policies to deal with pollution and the damage it causes. Like, for example, the damage caused by pollution being an excellent justification of plans to deal with it. However, that does not mean that all plans to deal with pollution are justified by reference to the damage it causes. Which is the problem with the real world application of the entirely true and proper general contention. My own suspicion would be that Sadiq Khan has just fallen foul of this with his idea of a pollution control zone in London:

Sadiq Khan has unveiled details of his plan to introduce an “ultra-low emission zone” covering a huge swath of London in the next few years.

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