University Expansion Wasn’t A Good Idea – Michael Gove VAT And Sales Tax Edition

It has to be said that the expansion of the universities wasn’t all that obviously a good idea. Sticking 50% of the age cohort through grievance studies for three years doesn’t particularly aid the future. But rather more than that we have evidence that there’re not sufficient people competent to teach to staff the upgraded places.

Let us take as our example this analysis of Michael Gove’s idea to scrap VAT and replace it with a sales tax:

Value added tax is an idea embraced by more than 150 countries around the world.

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Tesco, Business Rates, Online Sales Tax – Make Someone Else Pay, Not Tesco!

This is one of those entirely normal proposals from business to government – screw everyone else and increase our profits. Which is really what Tesco is saying here with their proposals about business rates. For what they’re saying is that people like Tesco, who occupy expensive retail property, should have to pay less of the tax which is levied upn expensive retail property. Then everyone else who doesn’t use expensive retail property should pay more of that tax being levied upon what they don’t use.…

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Amazon Will Be Pleased – Scotus Allows States To Insist Upon Online Sales Taxes

For the early years of Amazon’s existence it was just fine with the idea – and the law – that it didn’t have to collect sales taxes. Not that it worked quite like that, but the general outcome was roughly that. As Amazon grew larger its view shifted, to where it does collect sales taxes for each state that imposes one. It’s also supported the idea that everyone else should do so as well – odd that, isn’t it?…

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