Pure Politics – Boris And Ending Early Release Of Prisoners

This is of course pure politics, simply playing to the base, as Boris demands the end of early release for prisoners after serving half their sentence:

Prisoners will no longer be automatically released early under plans to be set out by Boris Johnson this week, The Telegraph can disclose. The Prime Minister will pledge to end the automatic release of serious criminals who are currently freed after serving half of their sentence. He will press for a tougher stance on sentencing at a roundtable meeting in No 10 on Monday with police chiefs, prosecutors, former judges, courts administrators and prison bosses.

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Stanstead 15 – Pleading The Belly No Longer Works As A Sentencing Dodge

This is an interesting application of modern feminism to the criminal justice system – the Stanstead 15 case is seeing an attempt to revive the pleading of the belly defence. Not against conviction, but against sentencing. Mothers, you see, are so special that to have them treated just like anyone else would be a grievous miscarriage. Which isn’t really quite what all those women have fought for over the years, is it?

But that is what is being tried on here:

Stansted 15 activist: ‘Jail separation from my baby would be horrific’

Well, yes, it might quite likely be such.…

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Don’t Increase Fiona Onasanya’s Sentence – Don’t Create Political Martyrs

Should Fiona Onasanya have received a greater sentence? As a card carrying member of the pitchforked mob, sure, decades and throw away the key. For yes, those who would rule us are and should be held to higher standards. We didn’t jug Denis MacShane because the ghastly little man fiddled a few invoices, we did so because – however ghastly, little, and fiddling he was or is – he was an MP who fiddled. Jonathan Aitken got rather more for perjury than the average lying about false rape would get and rightly so.…

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