And Why Shouldn’t Federal Workers Live Paycheck To Paycheck – They Can Borrow, Can’t They?

Jared Bernstein is performing his usual useful function here, providing us with his analysis so that we know what not to believe. Here it’s about how horrible it is that Federal workers live, often enough, paycheck to paycheck and therefore cannot survive a shutdown and the missing of one of those paychecks. Except they can borrow, can’t they? As Wilbur Ross has pointed out they can indeed borrow and there’s an ecosystem of people only too delighted to lend to them too.…

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Impolitic Yet Correct – Ross Says Furloughed Workers Should Go Get A Loan

Wilbur Ross is quite right here, we’ve a large financial services sector just gagging to be allowed to lend people money – so, Federal workers furloughed can and should just go get a loan to stay afloat. The problem with this is that while Ross is correct it’s somewhat impolitic to say this – that problem being that Ross is a politician these days and paid to be politic.

It’s entirely correct that those Federal workers are furloughed.…

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You Can Call Us Nostradamus Now

Not that we needed to couch our prediction in impenetrable quatrains or anything but we did predict this – thus you can call us Nostradamus. Yes, the US Government is shut down, well sorta. Perhaps 25% of it isn’t getting paid at that Federal level at least. But half of those folks are being told to turn up to work anyway. And they’ll get their pay after it all reopens as back payments. That’s what usually happens.…

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That Joyous Shutdown – Trumps Border Wall Would Have No Effect Anyway

At least, when we study earlier attempts to close off that US/Mexico border we find that a border wall would have an effect pretty much indistinguishable from zero. Makes that government shutdown all worth it, doesn’t it? We just get less government for a bit – what a shame:

Border walls
Treb Allen, Caue Dobbin, Melanie Morten 14 January 2019

A vigorous debate exists about the economic benefits of building a border wall between the US and Mexico.…

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Shutdown Woes – Bureaucrats Getting Real Jobs Like Driving For Uber

There’s long been a certain suspicion that we don’t need quite as much government as we actually get. Even, that we might do better if we had a little less of it. It’s also one of those things whispered about late at night that perhaps not all – each and every one – of those bureaucrats actually does something useful for the rest of us. Do we actually need quite so many pens pushed, clipboards wielded?…

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Robert Reich Amuses – If Trump’s A Dictator Then So Were Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton Twice and Obama

There’s always an amusement to reading Robert Reich. The political partisanship can be so naked as he entirely ignores history , events and reality to construct an argument as to why Trump’s a bad’un, capitalism’s terrible and the Republicans want to eat your babies.

The real point of all this being here:

The choice could not be clearer. Democracy is about means. Dictatorship is about ends. Trump uses any means available to achieve his own ends.

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As We Said, Government Shutdown Won’t Stop Snap, Food Stamps

A few days back we predicted that the government shutdown over Trump’s border wall wouldn’t influence the distribution of Snap benefits, or food stamps as most of us still call them. This wasn’t because we had some inside knowledge it was just because it was clear and obvious that no one was going to stop tens of million of people from getting their food over said border wall. That’s just not the way that politics works.…

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Trumps’ Government Shutdown Won’t Affect SNAP – Food Stamps – The Fix Will Be In

There’s a certain amount of muttering that the government shutdown – prompted by Trump’s insistence that he really, but just really, wants a great big wall – will start to affect the distribution of SNAP benefits, food stamps to you and me. This isn’t going to happen, the fix will be in long before that happens. No, I’m not insisting that the government shutdown will be solved by February although I fully expect it to be so.…

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