Astonishingly, Free market Capitalism Provides More Intergenerational Mobility Than State Feudalism

A useful – not wholly accurate but useful – guide to Italy is that the north is a roughly free market and capitalist economy, the south one where varied forms of state feudalism have taken over from actual feudalism. When we study intergenerational mobility in Italy we find that the north has more of it than the south. Funny that, isn’t it?

And yet, it moves: Intergenerational mobility in Italy
Paolo Acciari, Alberto Polo, Gianluca Violante 13 July 2019

Intergenerational mobility is viewed as a proxy for a fair and fluid society, as it sheds light on the extent to which individuals with different initial conditions are presented with equal opportunities to succeed.…

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England Doesn’t Need 3 Million More Social Homes – It Might Need 3 Million More Houses Though

A classic example of political logic today when we’re told that England needs 3 million more social housing units by 2040. This is not true, not true at all – although it might be true that England needs 3 million more housing units. The reason this is political logic is that they’re indulging in that classic progression, something must be done, this is something, so we must do this. When expressed in that manner we can all see what is wrong with the logical chain there.…

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Amazingly, Economics Works – Below Market Prices Produce Shortages And Queues

We should add the housing charity Shelter to the list of dunderheads failing to understand the most basic things about our universe. If you fix the price of something below the market clearing price then the market will not clear. That’s obvious enough, isn’t it? But it’s apparently too, too, complex for the snowflakes over at Shelter:

One year on from the tragic Grenfell fire and many survivors are still waiting for a new home but new analysis from Shelter reveals the situation is similarly stark right across the country.

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Private Landlords Provide What People Want – Therefore We Must Have No Private Landlords

The logic used over to our left on that political spectrum – given our own stances that’s everyone except thee and me of course – can confuse at times. A useful example being this complaint about private landlords as opposed to their subsidised competitors in the social rental sector.

Into this growing gap between social housing and home ownership the build-to-rent model has given property developers a new way to profit from Generation Rent.


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