If Public Administration Paid Like Software, Would We See So Much Feminist Whining About Stem?

It’s entirely true that there is a certain gender disparity in the number of people employed to write software. This is not unusual in our society. There are gender disparities in may things. There’s a definite lack of female miners for example. There’s no reason why women shouldn’t or couldn’t be electricity repair linemen but there don’t seem to be many of them.

It’s even true that there’s a disparity in who trains to do which jobs.…

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That Gender Difference In Stem – Even After Controls It’s Still There

Quite why fewer women than men study Stem subjects is a matter of controversy. On the one side it’s the patriarchy, D’oh. On the other it’s that, well, gender based differences in desires and propensities in a sexually dimorphic species, who’s surprised? This paper looks at what we can identify about when it starts. That’s it’s around puberty doesn’t help us decide all that much between the two theories:

It’s not just for boys! Understanding gender differences in STEM
Judith Delaney, Paul Devereux 18 April 2019

Females are much less likely to study STEM degrees at university.…

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