La Liga’s Clever But Illegal Method Of Checking People Pay For Football Matches

Isn’t this a clever – if illegal – use of the new technology over in Spain by La Liga? The problem to be solved being, well, there’s mass pirating of the football TV shows. This of course means less money for the players. So, how to use modern technology to find out whether people are watching an illegal pirate of the live match, or something that has been paid for? Bug their mobile phones, obviously:

Spain’s football league, La Liga, has been hit with a €250,000 (£222,000) fine for using fans’ mobile phones as spying tools to crack down on bars screening matches with pirated television signals.

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Burger King’s Truly Excellent $5 A Month Coffee Subscription

OK, sure, Burger King’s coffee isn’t the best on the planet (that is actually Jamaican Blue Mountain and don’t let anyone tell you different). But then everything is a trade off between price and quality so $5 a month for a month of coffee isn’t that bad at all.

Sure, it’s not all the coffee you might want, it’s the one cup a day. But it’s still not a bad deal for us consumers. And it’s an absolute bargain for Burger King:

When it comes to places to get your morning/afternoon/midnight coffee, the options are plentiful.

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The Correct Facebook Question – How Much Would You Pay For It?

There’s much screaming, as we know, about how Facebook takes our oh so valuable information – that we just give it for free! – and then makes fortunes from it. It’s not really quite true of course, it makes money by selling advertising, the data we hand over simply refining who advertises what to whom. But, OK, let’s think this through a little. Imagine a Facebook which didn’t suck our data in order to improve the advertisers’ experience.…

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