Bashir’s Sudanese Cash Pile – What, You Mean A Dictator Was Corrupt?

Our word isn’t this a real surprise? And a turn up for the books. It’s turns out that Omar al-Bashir, the dictator of Sudan, might have been corrupt! Possibly, even, guilty of money laundering. And isn’t that just a flabberghast then?

Suitcases packed with more than £100m have been found by security services at the home of Sudan’s ousted president, it has been reported. Omar al-Bashir is now being investigated over alleged money laundering after the hoard of cash – in US dollars, euros and Sundanese pounds – was discovered while he was under house arrest.

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The Sudanese Shepherd Who Thinks That Geordies Are Sheep

This isn’t a mistake that any native Briton would make. The Norwegian influence over Geordies is still strong and we tend not to think that they’re sheep. Nor even goats. True, the womenfolk seem to be OK wearing little outside in winter but that’s not enough to mark out as an ungulate.

Those not steeped in our folklore might not grasp this:

A Sudanese shepherd granted asylum in the UK has claimed that “immorality” in Newcastle encouraged him to sexually assault a man in the city centre.

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