Social Media, Self Harm And Teenagers – Causation Matters Rather

Demos tells us that teens who fiddle with social media for three hours or more a day are more likely to self harm. Also, that girls are more likely to do so than boys. Well, OK, interesting observation. But we know what’s coming next, don’t we, this being Demos and all. Someone must do something! Likely, the social media firms will have to do something. Which isn’t something that follows from the observation at all:

Teenagers who spend three or more hours a day on social media are twice as likely to self-harm, according to one of the most comprehensive studies ever of tech’s impact on children’s mental health.

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Instagram’s Part In The Education Of Our Children – They’re Being Defrauded

We do rather think that children should learn about the world. That’s what that education system is for after all. We also think that a little bit of experience aids in understanding what happens out in that real universe away from the protections of Daddy and Mummy. Or Daddy and Daddy of course.

At which point we should celebrate the manner in which Instagram is educating our children:

Instagram scam losses soar by 700pc as fraudsters target teenagers online


Teenagers are being targeted by scammers posing as events organisers or selling fake goods on social media.

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