A Justification For Keeping Brenda, Chuck And The Royals

The French seem to be mislaying the art n’stuff they’ve got lying around the Presidential palaces. At which point, three points. About why it might be worthwhile having that Royal family rather than electing a President every few years.

French detectives are investigating the mysterious disappearance of hundreds of valuable works of art and pieces of antique furniture from the Elysée Palace and other presidential residences. The 700 missing items include bronze sculptures and statuettes, Empire chairs and a Restoration dining table from the 19th century, an 18th-century Régence chair and 17th-century Savonnerie carpets.

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Binance And The Bitcoin Heist Problem

Once again we’ve a story about a cryptocurrency exchange losing a decent enough amount of money to hackers. This time it’s Binance who say they’ve lost some $41 million worth of Bitcoin to hackers. The criminals were able to use phishing attacks to gain access, then they were able to access the hot wallet – the one actually in use that is, not the long term storage cold wallet – and so make off with the funds.…

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Criminals Are Rational – Rising Gold Prices Lead To More Burglaries Of Asians

At one level this is merely a detail of mild interest – when gold prices rise then so do burglary rates upon Asian households. The reason being that Asian households show a cultural – no, not racial – preference for holding a certain portion of household assets in physical gold. Criminals are rational in that they heed Willy Sutton’s advice about robbing banks – that’s where the money is.

There is though a further level of this.…

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