Brussels Doesn’t Like Tories – This Is Rather The Point Of Leaving, Isn’t It?

It appears that the federast apparatchiki don’t like any of those running to be new Tory leader and thus PM. To which the correct response is, “So what, buggerlugs?” Because of course it’s our PM we’re talking about, not some satrap who requires the approval of our overlords.

EU view of Tory leadership candidates deeply critical, say sources

It’s not your choice and no, you don’t get a say.

Take this for example:

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Tories Not Decimated, No, But Octagintaquinquemated

Not that I’ve got the word quite right here myself but this is part of our regular complaint that the arts graduates who write the newspapers don’t even get the language right. Over and above their well known inability to understand numbers.

The Telegraph describes the Tory results as a decimation:

The Conservatives have been decimated in the European elections and recorded their worst result in history as Nigel Farage’s six-week-old Brexit Party triumphed.

This is not correct, not in the slightest.…

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Brexit Party At 34% In Voting Intentions – Remoaner LibDems On 12%

As we’ve all known for sometime now if Remain could be said to win the euro-elections then that would have been a referendum upon that subject of Brexit. It’s cancelled that is. But if Leave wins or could be said to have that would be different because reasons.

Looks like they’re going to declare reasons:

Senior Tory and Labour politicians have issued frantic calls to their voters to back them in next week’s European elections after a new poll showed support for Nigel Farage’s Brexit party had soared to a level higher than for the two main parties put together.

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Thank God For Granny – You’re 50 Before You’re Mature Enough To Vote Tory

That the old and the young vote differently is true. Which is why we should all be giving thanks to Granny. For it’s only at about the age when one is likely to be enjoying that second generation of fecundity that one is mature enough to be voting Tory. As these two show:

Lord Knows we’re not entirely enamoured with the Tories around here these days but it’s better than this:

As the Mail goes into detail upon:

The Generation Why?

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Owen Jones- Who Cares About Brexit? Let’s Bash The Tories

Owen Jones today gives us a masterclass in why politics is such a bad way to run a country – run anything in fact. Because he’s arguing that we shouldn’t, in our current political predicament, think about decent or logical answers to that predicament at all. Instead, put aside the problem we’ve actually got – what should be the UK’s relationship with the European Union – and let’s instead argue all of this from whether his mates get to exercise political power over the rest of us or not.…

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Northern Cities Lose Under Austerity – Because They Gained Under Brown

The Centre for Cities wants to tell us all that the Northern cities have been losing out under that Tory imposed austerity – the b’stards. This is indeed true and yet the one thing the report doesn’t go on to tell us is why. That being that those Labour controlled Northern cities made out like bandits under the Brown Terror. And this is rather the point of democracy, that we all get to change our minds.…

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