The True Glory Of This New Media Thing – Experts Get To Speak

The old system was that events were filtered through the understandings – and if you prefer, the prejudices – of the journalistic class and those who employed them. Today the expert can speak directly. For example, I know more about the market for and extraction of scandium than does any journalist. On the grounds that I’m actually a global expert in that subject, upon that point.

Or, as it happens, a friend of this site is an expert in train safety systems.

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Yes, Obviously, But Interestingly – London Was Built By Transport Networks

The thought that major cities were built by transport networks is obvious – even trivial – the moment one starts to think about it all. And yet there’s still interest in the details of which technologies and how. Our own insistence, around here, would be that while commuting, work and home, are interesting elements of the story the real influence is going to be in supply. How in heck do you feed 4 million people with horse drawn carts for example?

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