India’s Tiger Population Expands Due To Increased Urbanisation

India is urbanising rapidly – India’s tiger population is expanding. There is a link between these two facts, this is not a coincidence.

When we use extensive peasant agriculture to make a living then we use lots and lots and lots of land to do so. This means that there’s not much land left over for wildlife:

India’s tiger population has increased by a third in four years, bringing the animal back from the brink of extinction.

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It’s True, People Have Fewer Children About The Time They Stop Being Farmers And Become Workers

This is something we all generally knew – or at least those who had any interest did. It’s the move off the land and into the factories – or perhaps urban environments – that cuts fertility. Young children are an economic asset in peasant farming, they’re a cost in a city. Humans do more of what is economically beneficial, less of what costs. But it’s always possible to examine the details of such:

From the farm to the factory floor: How the structural transformation triggered the fertility transition
Philipp Ager, Benedikt Herz 16 May 2019

The transition from high to low fertility rates is regarded as one of the most important determinants of sustainable long-run growth.…

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Jane Jacobs Had An Interesting Thing To Say About Town Planning – Don’t

As we all know there’s a lot of handwringing over our High Streets. They’re being hollowed out by ever rising rents, excessive business rates and competition from online retailers. So, what is it that we should do about this?

One good start would be to understand what people have told us before on the subject:

Despite the doom and gloom, predictions of the death of the high street are misplaced – at least to the extent that they envisage town centres as essentially existing for shopping only.

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