Venezuela’s Success Of Bolivarian Socialism – 5 Million Flee The Country

Just in case any have any doubts about how successful modern day socialism is or will be the case of Venezuela is instructive. The Bolivarian socialists decided to stick it to the man, overthrow capitalism and the tyranny of the market economy. At which point up to 5 million of the population have fled.

Do recall this is the system that was praised by Ken Livingstone, Jeremy Corbyn, Owen Jones and all points lefty:

More than 5m set to flee Venezuela by end of this year

OK, that’s a prediction:

The exodus has accelerated dramatically over the past three years as shortages of food, water and fuel grip Venezuela, a once wealthy oil-exporting nation which has been reduced to destitution by economic mismanagement under the socialist regime of Nicolás Maduro.

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Venezuelan Farming’s Bad But It’s Not That Bad Telegraph

One of the grander achievements of Bolivarian socialism is to create hunger, an actual lack of simple food, in a tropical country where plants just burst out of the ground in their eagerness. It’s similar to that incredible achievement over the water in Cuba. Any rational farming system would have the markets simply overflowing with foodstuffs, socialism leaves all hungry. It’s a vivid proof of the stupidity of that basic socialist system.

However, it has to be said that Venezuelan farming really isn’t – or at least wasn’t – as bad as The Telegraph is making out here:

The 3,500 hectare estate in Venezuela’s agricultural heartland had, like all their land, been in the family for over 100 years; it was a productive, lovingly-tended finca.

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Socialist Joy, Venezuela – Nation With World’s Largest Oil Reserves – Runs Out Of Gasoline

Aren’t we all just so lucky that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is going to be President – as soon as she’s old and mature enough – and bring socialism to America? For the one thing the United States is short of is shortages and that’s so lacking in character building exercises. It would be far, far, better if the socioeconomic system were entirely changed in order to improve the American moral strength.

Or, we might ponder what is happening in Venezuela.…

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Trump Extends Venezuelan Oil Sanctions To Cuba

As to why this is happening, the extension of Venezuelan oil sanctions to Cuba by the Trump Administration, this is obvious. The US doesn’t like Cuba – or the current political set up there at least – and doesn’t like Venezuela either. So, interrupt trade between the two and we’re golden then. That both parties are reliant upon that trade just adds to the attraction.

The thing is, well, how are those sanctions going to be imposed?…

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Congratulations To Venezuela, Proving Once Again That Socialist Medicine Doesn’t Work

We don’t have to go back that many years to find the progressives praising Venezuela as the path to follow – this is the bright new down of socialism. OK, it’s Bolivarian socialism, tinged with a but more anti-Yanqui rhetoric than normal, but still, it’s socialism and it’s great. Own Jones in the UK, David Sirota in the US, supey dupey system and we should all do the same.

At which point:

The United Nations is being urged to declare a full-scale humanitarian emergency in Venezuela in the light of the “utter collapse” of its health system and widespread food shortages.

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Congratulations To Bolivarian Socialism – Venezuela’s Power Cut Is Your Fault

Of course that four day power cut in Venezuela is being blamed on the Yankee Imperialists for there never could be anything wrong with socialism, could there? And if you do want to reduce a nation and people to penury then that Bolivarian socialism does indeed seem to be the way to go. It’s proven very effective at it after all.

The thing being that it’s not the action of outsiders which has led to this disaster, it’s inherent in the basic economic design which has been imposed.…

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Yes, Chavez And Maduro Caused Venezuela’s Power System Collapse

The entirety of Venezuela’s ruling class is standing around with “Who, me?” looks on their faces as the country is plunged into darkness, the power system and the grid entirely fail to deliver electricity at all. The point being that yes, it’s you. The Bolivarian socialists have caused this. This is not the result of some attack by foreign capitalist pig dogs, is not some random occurrence that can strike anyone. It’s a direct result of their own previous economic policies.…

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Bit Of A Problem – Gazprombank Confiscates Accounts of Venezuela’s PDVSA

In order to get out from under the American – therefore capitalist, sneaky and imperialist – sanctions placed upon Venezuela’s oil business they decided that they would go and bank at Gazprombank. Surely being under Putin’s wing would protect their money? As it turns out, no.

As in fact I predicted as this all started.

Russian lender Gazprombank has decided to freeze the accounts of Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA and halted transactions with the firm to reduce the risk of the bank falling under US sanctions, a Gazprombank source told Reuters on Sunday.

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Venezuela’s Moving Oil Business To Russian Banking System To Beat US Sanctions

Venezuela is trying to beat the US sanctions on its oil exports by moving the payments system over to the Russian banking system. This has the merit – for Venezuela’s current government at least – that it’ll work in the first iteration. Whether it continues to work after that depends upon how aggressively the US decides to pursue the enforcement of the sanctions.

For it’s worth noting what the US claims as being within its own jurisdiction.…

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Venezuela’s Socialism Is Worse Than Franco’s Fascism

It’s entirely true that the economy isn’t everything. Our measures of GDP don’t include inequality or the value of a mother’s smile. They do include things like food supply, health care and the standard of living which are, even if not everything, pretty important things.

Meaning that we can indeed judge socioeconomic systems by their effects on GDP, even if we shouldn’t do so exclusively. At which point, Venezuela’s socialism is worse than Franco’s fascism:

Bolivarian socialism is worse than fascism

Do note that the Bolivarian socialists didn’t actually have to fight a war to gain power either.…

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