Thank God For Granny – You’re 50 Before You’re Mature Enough To Vote Tory

That the old and the young vote differently is true. Which is why we should all be giving thanks to Granny. For it’s only at about the age when one is likely to be enjoying that second generation of fecundity that one is mature enough to be voting Tory. As these two show:

Lord Knows we’re not entirely enamoured with the Tories around here these days but it’s better than this:

As the Mail goes into detail upon:

The Generation Why?

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Speaker Bercow Disallows Third Vote – The Is Britain, Not The European Union

A standard complaint about the European Union is that when a vote is lost then it is just held again until the “right” answer is reached. This was done with referenda in at least France, Holland and Ireland. Sticks were thrown in the spokes of varied pieces of further integration so they were just held again. This time with a bit more propaganda.

It is this which Speaker Bercow has not allowed to happen over Theresa May’s deal to try to leave the EU.…

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Texas’ Non-Citizens On Voter Rolls – About Half Ted Cruz’s Margin Over Beto O’Rourke

It’s entirely possible to insist that there just aren’t any non-citizens on the voter rolls. It would be incorrect to do so but it it’s still possible – politics does not, of course, consist of only saying things which are true. It’s, to make a less strenuous claim, entirely possible to insist that even if there are such then there aren’t enough to make any difference to anything. So, don’t sweat it.

Except this doesn’t seem to be true either.…

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