Why Doesn’t Vox Bother To Read Its Own Articles?

As we all know Vox is the home of the snowflake journalists. That specific subgroup who are inline with the more statist of the Democratic Party – if it’s wonkable they’re in favour. This does rather lead them into adopting whatever is the fashionable position according to that wonkier end of politics without actually thinking through what they’re saying.

For example, we can most certainly note the lack of significant pay rises over the past decade for the average working man and woman in the US.…

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The Modern Definition Of Far Right Is Interesting, Isn’t It?

We’ll admit that we don’t know whether this Spanish political party, Vox, is far right or not. For all we know they could be donning blue shirts – or black footy bags – marching down the street and howling with lust to give Owen Jones a good dose of castor oil. We dunno. But what we do find interesting is what The Guardian tells us are markers of being far right.

We’d agree that, given that they’re centralists in Spain, they do belong on the more conservative side of politics on that specific issue.…

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It’s Capitalism That Made Solar Panels Cheap. Capitalism And Markets, Not Public Policy

The lads over at Vox.com are quite obviously going to squeal in pigletty pleasure at the idea that smart public policy has led to some desirable goal – here a paper which claims that just that, wonks directing the economy meant that solar PV has become cheap. There’s a problem with this thesis which is, well, cheap compared to what?

No, not cheap compared to other forms of energy generation or capture, that’s not the point at all.…

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