Will Hutton Claims Brexit Is Fascism

Sounds like Willy Hutton had the one too many valedictory spritzers while watching the D-Day parades. For he’s actually insisting that Brexit is fascism. No, really:

Contemporary capitalism, left too much to its own devices by the rightwing proposition that the state must keep out of the economy, does not work. The inequalities it has thrown up are, as in the 1930s, provoking powerful societal protests. And, as in the 1930s, a new wave of demagogues, of whom Nigel Farage is a prime example, is blaming an out-of-touch elite for misgoverning a population needy of change.

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Will Hutton – Damn That Democracy Thing, Tell ‘Em What To Do Jezza!

That Will Hutton is an elitist none can deny. His perfect definition of a well functioning economy being that everyone do what Willy Hutton damn well tells them to do. An  example of this on display in his column this week. Labour must come out full blooded for Remain because Will Hutton thinks that Remain is the right course of action. This democracy thing be damned for course, if hoi polloi won’t do what Willy thinks they should unforced then they must be forced.…

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Will Hutton Completely Misunderstands The Boeing 737 Max Problem

That many people do not understand complex technological points is obviously correct. Engineers get paid lots for a reason, this really is rocket science. This restriction to the talking being done by those who know what they’re spouting about does not, of course, apply in the fields of politics nor rhetoric. Which gives us Will Hutton, as ever that one man argument against political technocracy. It might be possible that the mandarins running the world for us will make it a better place but not if Will Hutton is one of them it won’t.…

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To Answer Willy Hutton’s Question – We’ll Take That Sovereign, Independent, Brexit Please

Given that we were actually asked this question – would you like to be in the European Union or not? – and we gave an answer to it – no! – Willy Hutton does ask us a fairly simple question. To which, as ever, the answer is the opposite to the one Willy Hutton wants. Yes, we do want to leave the European Union.

But let’s grant Will the honour – rare I know but let’s go with it – of taking him seriously for a moment.…

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Will Hutton – Regulate Apple And Censor The Entire Internet

Will Hutton’s basic shtick is that the world would be a better place if everyone just damn well got on with what Will Hutton damn well tells them to damn well get on with. Everyone other than Will Hutton has a problem with this idea. For we’ve no actual evidence that Hutton has any ability – nor even insight – into what it is that everyone else should be doing. His business experience is having been an editor (note well, managing directors at newspapers handle the money, editors only the words on the page) and taking over the Industrial Society, renaming it the Work Foundation and then driving it into a particularly messy and silly bankruptcy.…

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Why We Shouldn’t Believe Will Hutton About Anything

As we all know Will Hutton’s basic idea for the British economy is that everyone should just shut up and get on with doing what Will Hutton damn well tells them to. Only then will we reach those sunlit uplands of an economy that works as well as the Work Foundation*. You know, safe and secure pensions for all.

It’s possible that we shouldn’t in fact be believing what Willy tells us. Take this little statistic he drops into conversation today:

Since the financial crisis, real wages have fallen by a stunning 10%.

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Return of the Robber Barons

Will Hutton has a column in today’s Guardian, GKN will be stripped and sold for parts by ghouls who have no interest in making things. The column, on the proposed takeover of GKN, is an attack on the Mergers-and-Acquisitions business reflecting a total lack of knowledge of it.

Miller’s is a capitalism organised entirely around extracting rather than creating value.

Listen. Garage start-up businesses innovate. Small businesses scale up and hire like crazy. The next step — in increasing efficiency — is for an established business to buy the company and figure out how to do the same job with fewer people.…

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Willy Hutton Really Doesn’t Grasp The Economics And Politics Thing

Regular readers will know I’ve not a great deal of admiration for the economic ability of Will Hutton. He’s the one trick, that Britain would be a better place if everyone damn well did what Will Hutton told them to. Beyond that there’s nothing to his shtick. But then that is Kip Esquire’s Law, isn’t it, that every planner envisions themselves as being the one doing the planning.

A useful example of this lack of nous over matters economic is this:

For there is no Brexit dividend, as the shamelessly economically ignorant Jacob Rees-Mogg keeps claiming.

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