The Russian Bonus For Wearing Short Skirts To Work – You Think We’ve A Patriarchy?

Having actually lived in Russia for some years this story just does amuse. A firm is promoting the idea of “femininity” at work for a month and this includes a bonus for turning up to work in a short skirt. Plus a dumpling making competition. And to think that there are people who claim modern Britain is a patriarchy in which women are oppressed.

But you know, foreign countries, foreign ways:

A Russian company is reportedly offering female employees a bonus for wearing short skirts to work, saying that it will “brighten up their work days”.

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What A Weird Argument – Don’t Tighten SNAP or Food Stamp Work Requirements

It’s entirely possible to make sensible and logical arguments either way about food stamps. Or, more formally, SNAP. OK, so the poor don’t have any right to demand from others and so no welfare. That might not be a nice argument, might not even be a good one, but it is logical. Equally, the rich can and should pay so that the children of the poor don’t go hungry. That’s logical however much we do or don’t agree with it.…

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Automation And Trade Leading To A Polarised Job Market

Given the vast benefits to all of both automation and trade I don’t tend to worry very much about the relative changes in position and income stemming from the same sources. But it’s worth reminding ourselves that there are indeed costs to go with the benefits:

Work of the past, work of the future
David Autor 19 March 2019

Labour markets in US cities today are vastly more educated and skill-intensive than they were 50 years ago, but urban non-college workers now perform much less skilled work than they did.…

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