Happier Employees Are More Productive – Great, Another Problem Solved Then

It’s often enough necessary to shake the head to get rid of the steady hum of bullshit being shouted at us. Innumerable studies showing us that this or that – say, diversity among management or workforce – makes a company more productive. Sure and OK, perhaps it does. The bullshit being the next step when we’re told that therefore we must have laws to impose this or that. The failure being to miss that we’ve already got a mechanism which does this, that market economy out there.

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Dear Lord This Is Stupid – IMF’s Christine Lagarde On Gender Diversity

It’s something between horrifying and delightful to see such a glorious missing of the point in this missive from Christine Lagarde concerning the gender diversity of the workforce. Horrifying that it has been missed, delightful to find that we’re ruled by those quite so blind – for it means that we can dismiss much else of what they say where we’re merely unsure if they’re wrong.

So, what she’s saying is that in many of the usual measures we can see that having a gender diverse workforce increases production for the same total labour input.

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