The Guardian Pumps Up Project Fear Over Brexit And Food Supplies

The Guardian has rather a nice set of graphics about food supplies and the connection between the EU and us here in the UK. They’re also pumping up the Project Fear nonsense:

With Boris Johnson claiming he will take Britain out of the EU by 31 October “do or die”, the UK’s reliance on EU food is a major risk. In the event of a no-deal Brexit, the UK would be obliged under World Trade Organization rules to impose average food import tariffs of 22% and conduct product inspections, leading to delays and shortening the shelf-life of products.

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To List The Merits Of A Hard Brexit

The Senior Lecturer at Islington Technical College has asked us to list the merits of a Hard Brexit. One that is a default to World Trade Organisation rules.

Thus, here goes:

1) How will you protect UK business from dumping?

We won’t. The aim, purpose and intention of trade is to gain access to those things which Johnny Foreigner makes better, cheaper, faster – pick any two of three – than our own domestic producers do.…

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British Retail Consortium Is Lying About Brexit And Tariffs. Again

The informed speculation these days is to wonder at what it is that Remain and the European Union have as blackmail material on the British Retail Consortium. Has someone found them ogling the mannequins in the back room? Or spotted them getting into bed with a retail apocalypse? Just what hold do they have to make them lie so? Because they have been lying about the effects of Brexit all along:

A no-deal Brexit could lead to tariffs of 40% or more being imposed on food such as beef and cheddar cheese, driving up prices in shops and squeezing household budgets across the UK and Ireland, retail organisations from both countries have warned.

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Quite Fascinating – The Ports Can Cope With Brexit

Here’s another refutation of a part of Project Fear. The ports will be able to cope with Brexit rather than collapsing into immediate chaos. This should have been obvious all along as we don’t actually do much inspection at ports these days anyway. For all the adults realised long ago that given the volume of trade we simply cannot and therefore will not inspect every container.

Actually, anyone who has ever watched any of the cop shows will know this.…

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Hard Brexit, WTO Security Exceptions And The Irish Border- One Bound, We’re Free

One of the sticking points in this Brexit process is well, what happens with the Irish border? Our own view around here is that we simply lie. Sure, there’s a border and then do nothing that we don’t wish to, carry on treating it in reality just as we do now. For our view is that the only people actually worrying about the Irish border are those who wish to make Brexit difficult and it’s a convenient oar for them to stick in.…

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Brexit Uncertainty Reduces Business Investment – So, Let’s Have Certainty, Leave With No Deal

One of the complaints – a valid one as it happens – about Brexit is that the uncertainty over what will actually happen is preventing people from doing things. Uncertainty – as opposed to risk – being something that can’t be wished away nor insured, hedged, against. Thus, logically enough, we should stop having the uncertainty. Announce that we’re leaving come March, there will be no deal, we’ll crash out to WTO terms.

There, we’ve dealt with the uncertainty, haven’t we?

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Apparently These Idiots Are Paid, By Us, To Teach Our Children

There’s nothing wrong with attempting to model the effect of Brexit, of course there isn’t. We’d all like to know what’s the price of freedom after all. It would help, however, if when doing so one were able to display a little skill on modelling. Something not on display here. And what worries is that these two are paid, out of our taxes, to teach our own children. How much must we hate the kiddies to do that to them?…

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Trump Withdrawing US From WTO Would Be Complete Disaster For America

It would appear that Donald Trump has simply no clue at all about how the World Trade Organisation works. For if he did he’d not make a threat so risible as thinking of withdrawing America from the WTO. He’s entirely missed the point of the entire arrangement – it’s to limit the tariffs that other people can charge upon your exports. Well, that plus a mechanism by which we all get to hold governments to the promises that they make – it being generally thought that capricious government is not a good thing.…

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My, Isn’t The Independent’s InFact Misleading About Brexit

It’s a long running and consistent theme of the scare stories about Brexit. That Britain will now have to charge WTO tariffs upon all imports. This is, of course, incoorect, the truth is that:

To insist, meanwhile, that we must raise tariffs on the imports we desire is to misunderstand the WTO system. As a source in Geneva explains, Britain is a WTO member in its own right and will still be so even after Brexit happens.

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Peter Navarro’s FART Act – Sound And Fury, Signifying Nothing.

We should all be aware that Peter Navarro – unfortunately Trump’s Director of the newly created National Trade Council – has some pretty odd views on trade. He’s even admitted it himself back when. In an interview he agreed that there probably wasn’t one single person in the entire county with an economics PhD who agree with him. A position which is consistent with either being the one true prophet or being wrong. The betting being on the latter in all such cases.…

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