Fools Or Charlatans? Brexit To Cost Each Family £1,000. Again

When someone releases a report which makes an incorrect assumption we can – and should, in charity – assume that they’ve just made a little boo boo. The next person to repeat the mistake should perhaps be chided gently. But there does come a point when the same politically useful mistake is made just that one too many times and we’ve got to start shouting at the charlatans. Insisting that they are spouting scrotals all the while.…

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Global Future’s Brexit Scenarios Are Wrong Over WTO Tariffs

We’ve another of these reports which insists that Brexit is going to impoverish the nation, have us all succumbing to phossy jaw as matchmaking becomes our only option. There is just the one little problem with it. They’ve missed – or rather imported from an earlier report – that WTO tariffs are a ceiling on what could be charged upon imports, not a level which must be charged upon anything at all. Thus, sadly, their fourth option is wrong:

Each of the government’s four Brexit scenarios, including a bespoke deal, would leave Britain poorer and cost the taxpayer hundreds of millions of pounds each week, analysis has shown.

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