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In A Parallel Universe…

In one world, the problems of 2008 were fixed, the emergency monetary policies were heroic, poverty and unemployment levels are unremarkable, Clinton lost because of sexism/Russia, economic performance is strong, race relations are improving, immigration is beneficial, crime levels are falling, and the multicultural dream is coming true before our eyes.

In this world, Russia invaded Ukraine, the Saudis are our good friends, the EU is a group of clever democrats running a peaceful and noble enterprise, the independent media is a collection of racist homophobes, the intelligence services do their best to remain objective, the politicians battle to hold corporations to account, Obama was the greatest President for a generation, and central bankers are patiently restoring order – any talk of an economic and societal collapse is fake news, as the geopolitical tensions are unrelated and any suggestion that they are being engineered is a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory.

In the other world, the problems of 2008 were not fixed, and the emergency monetary policies have just made the rich richer.

Poverty and unemployment are at record highs, people are so unhappy they voted for Donald Trump and Brexit, economic performance is dreadful, race relations are appalling, immigration and crime levels are spiking, and the multicultural dream is dying.

In this world, Russian did not invade Ukraine, the Saudis funded 9/11, the EU is a bunch of ex-communists having another go at their dream, the mainstream media is in bed with politicians, the intelligence services are politicised, the politicians are beholden to corporations and lobbyists, Obama was riddled with scandals his pet media chose not to mention, and central bankers are holding the world together with spit and twine – an economic and societal collapse is so unavoidable that they are trying to start wars in the hope that someone else can be made to shoulder the blame.

Those are very different worlds.

One of them is real.

The other is manufactured for your baffled amusement.

If you’re struggling to tell which one……………….you have a serious problem.

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6 years ago

Good conversation starter but there are clearly truths and untruths in both worlds, or at least stuff open to interpretation. I like the general idea though.

bloke in spain
bloke in spain
6 years ago

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.

Quentin Vole
Quentin Vole
6 years ago
Reply to  bloke in spain

The question isn’t whether you’re being paranoid, but whether you’re being paranoid enough.

6 years ago
Reply to  Quentin Vole

That sounds like something Michael Green would have said.

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