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Brits Becoming Germans Before Brexit Is Rather The Point Of The Whole Process

An amusing series of reports talking about how Britons are just lining up, rushing even, to become Germans before Brexit occurs. So many are so desperate to remain European Union citizens that they will even become Huns to do so. This is, of course, a good thing, even a Good Thing. For it is individuals being able to decide how they will be ruled and by whom. All of which is rather the point of the Brexit process.

A record number of Britons took up German citizenship in 2017, according to authorities who cited Brexit as the “obvious” reason for the leap in numbers.

Germany’s Federal Office of Statistics (Destatis) said 162% more British passport holders had become Germans last year compared with 2016. The total number of new Germans of British origin was 7,493.

In 2016 the number was 2,865, a leap of 361% from 2015, when 622 Britons made the move.

This is excellent, of course it is. We’re all liberals around here, we think people should be ruled as they wish to be so. Rather the point of this democracy thing is that people get that choice. Exit from and entry to another governance system is just a different manner of achieving that same goal.

Britons dash to become German before Brexit

OK, so people are running for that gate before it closes – or at least before it becomes more difficult at least. Super, eh?

Another imperative for Brits to hurry up and get German papers is that they won’t have to give up their UK citizenship as long as Britain is in the EU—Germany currently permits dual nationality provided the applicant is from another EU country.

It’s not so much a choice as a keeping of choices open in the future.

But now think this through properly. People should be ruled as they wish to be ruled. Isn’t that what Brexit is all about? We Brits have been asked if we’d like to be ruled as Germans – even by Germans. The answer, in general and aggregate, was no. Obviously, there are some who insist that they would prefer to. And isn’t it great that those who would be so ruled go off and be so, leaving the rest of us free not to be?

For it’s absolutely bloody certain that if we remain in the EU we’ll not have that option of not being ruled as or by Germans. Which is rather what that choice to leave was about, wasn’t it?

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6 years ago

What a pity the remainers don’t all have the courage of their convictions.

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