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If You Only Have One Right-Wing Friend…

It means all the others have given up on you.

To find out whether it’s true, ask yourself whether the last guy standing used to be a good friend.

If he was, it’s likely he’s the last man standing because he cares more than any of the others.

He is sad and ashamed to see you bawling about safe spaces, transphobia and the Wage Gap, and cherishes the hope that he can restore you to sanity.

He perseveres, because he loves you.

The others all heard all about your love for Hillary, your hatred of Trump, your love of the NHS, your hatred of Tories, your love of Jeremy Corbyn and your hatred of the alt-right, and decided you were a lost cause. They’ve all vanished from your life.

And there are a LOT of people on the Right – In America, 60 million people voted for Trump.

Yet apparently none of them ever talked to a pollster. Pollsters are lost causes too.

It’s no different here in the UK – the 17 million who voted for Brexit are tired of being shouted down and told they are evil racists for wanting national sovereignty restored.

How come you’ve only got one person in your life that talks like that, when there are clearly so many of them out there?

Well, they are very tired of being told they are racists for finding admirable their own culture, and wishing to preserve it.

So they don’t talk to you any more. They think you’re a lost cause.

Only your best friend still tries, and you kinda don’t like him that much any more.

You’ve grown apart.

Because he’s become “a bit of a racist”, right?

Reminds me of old Samuel Clemens:

“When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.”

That’s you that is – you’re the 14-year-old Mark Twain.

Let’s hope you wise up quicker than he did, because your mate probably won’t stick around that long.

He’ll abandon you to your left-wing bubble soon.

And if you’ve already got no right-wing friends…

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