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Brexit Kayfabe II – The Chequers Deception

The EU is stuffed full of communists who lost their jobs when the Soviet Union collapsed, but with the money and influence of George Soros behind them, they found a second chance in the EU.

And of course they are all admirers of Lenin, who famously said “The best way to control the competition is to lead it ourselves”

So when they thought about the Brexit negotiating table on June 24th 2016 and started to worry about who they might end up facing across it, they had a strong interest in the candidates running to be British PM.

Not that anyone might suspect them of interfering in any way with the leadership campaign that followed (we’ve seen no such behaviour from anyone in politics these last few years after all), but in an astonishing stroke of good fortune for the communists…………….the winning candidate was also the only Remainer!

And she chose a Remainer to be her Chancellor. Fantastic!

The EU might have been thinking – “We could barely have run this opposition better ourselves”

Of course they still had some actual Brexiteers racists to deal with, but perhaps The Gypsum Lady could herd them all into a new department, which could be walled off from any real influence or power?

The Mushroom Department we might call it – kept in the dark and fed bulls**t.

Finally, negotiations could begin.

Of course they were a bit of a farce – like public sector pay negotiations, everyone in the room wanted the same thing.

The communists in the EU, Treason May, Remainer Phil, most of the Tory Party, most of the Labour Party, all of the SNP, Lib Dems and Greens. The BBC, most of the mainstream media, the judiciary, the police, the educational establishment, the unions, the Church of England, the Bank of England, all the crony capitalists and their celebrity friends. Even good old Tony Blair and his gleaming teeth.

Almost as if there had been some kind of Long March Through The Institutions.

They all wanted Britain to remain in the EU. And if they couldn’t have that, they wanted Brexit in name only – a meaningless charade that would leave Britain still shackled to the EU’s rapidly decomposing corpse in every way that really mattered.

Because in the world of contemporary politics, if you’re not a globalist, you’re little people.

In this case, Little Englanders.

And so the charade began – I recently called it Brexit Kayfabe, and so it is.

In an orgy of treachery, Treason May began throwing away every negotiating piece she could lay her hands on.

Every time the EU demanded something, she handed it over. Every time SHE demanded something…………wait, that didn’t happen.

She never asked for a thing in return.

Just kept appeasing the communists and making concessions – ensuring Britain had nothing that had not already been placed on the table, so the EU could bleat if anyone ever tried to remove it.

At the same time, the EU pretended to care deeply about things they really didn’t, so that they could be removed from the table without harming their real interests, in the unlikely event The Gypsum Lady was ever forced to ask for anything.

“Ireland? IRELAND?!! HOW VERY DARE YOU!!!!!”


The country began to get puzzled – was this some new negotiating strategy the PM had learned in the private sector? No, they rightly reasoned, that can’t be right – she’s never had a real job her whole life.

Sensing the puzzlement, and fearing it might result in their pet being deposed before she could irretrievably betray her country, the communists told her she’d have to make some stern noises to reassure the British people that she was still intending on a clean Brexit.  “Don’t worry” they said “We’ll play our part and pretend to be unhappy with your “demands” – we played the same game with David Cameron during his “negotiations” and with the help of our friends in the media, everyone believed it. We’ll make them believe you’re “a tough negotiator”

So she made a few speeches, boldly telling us that “No deal was better than a bad deal” even as she desperately engineered the very worst deal she could.

And here we are – on the brink of the globalist masterstroke.

The EU are going to accept Chequers.

And of course this is why Boris has thrown his hat into the ring with such indecent haste – the Brexiteers have finally realised that they are on the brink of being completely outflanked.

The EU is about to announce (or let their pet PM announce) that they have discovered such love for us in their hearts that they will put aside their reservations about Chequers (the deal they devised for us) and sign it after all. Immediately.

Possibly even during the Tory Party Conference.

Certainly no later than the end of October.

Treason May is already making more stern noises – she will not “compromise”.

She will not “turn back” to Canada-Plus.

She will win Chequers for us, the British people.

Even the Grauniad is strangely mute about her negotiating position (!), which tells you all you need to know – THIS FIX IS IN.

I believe the entire nauseating spectacle is about to play out in front of our eyes – we’re about to witness a betrayal unequalled in recent British history. And they will try to convince you that it’s a triumph for Britain.

The only question is whether it’s opponents can act fast enough – can the Brexiteers prevent this from unfolding? How will they react when the announcement is made? Will the mainstream media close ranks and ensure none of the Brexiteers get any airplay for a while, to give the narrative time to form?

My fear is that by casting the sudden and shocking Chequers agreement as a triumph for Treason May, the MPs who were fearful of the reaction of their constituents to Chequers will suddenly become convinced it’s palatable to them, and will vote it through.

We’ll know soon enough – now the Brexiteers have their show on the road, every day the EU waits is adding risk.

This is Brexit Kayfabe – a bunch of globalists pretending to negotiate while they gorge on fine wine and caviar, and selling you into slavery while demanding that you celebrate your victory.

Lenin would have been proud.

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