Brexit Kayfabe


In the American World Wrestling Federation, we get the wonderful expression “Kayfabe”

It means something like “a fake form of choreographed and orchestrated combat, but where the outcomes and even the individual moves are known and planned well in advance, characterised by theatrical expressions of defiance and aggression”

Wikipedia defines it as “the portrayal of staged events within the industry as “real” or “true”, specifically the portrayal of competition, rivalries, and relationships between participants as being genuine and not of a staged or predetermined nature of any kind. Kayfabe has also evolved to become a code word of sorts for maintaining this “reality” within the direct or indirect presence of the general public”

It’s perfect for these fake Brexit negotiations.

Back before the infamous Chequers deal, I wrote about how Theresa would like you to stay in your cell. I said “On Friday the 6th July, we will found out just how profoundly Theresa May intends to betray her country”

Well now we know.

Theresa May clearly intends to give the EU the deal they want (which the media calls Chequers) and is currently in the process of giving it to them.

The EU is playing along by pretending to hate it, so their pet Theresa can appear like a tough negotiator when they eventually “capitulate”, as they surely will.

You see, Theresa May wants what they want – she is a Remainer and believes in the EU’s globalist vision for us all. She believes we are all dunces for voting to leave and has been conspiring with the EU to deliver a meaningless Brexit ever since.

But of course she can’t do that openly, so she and the EU concocted a little plan.

Theresa talked tough for a while and so did the EU, to establish the rules of the kayfabe – this was done to convince us all that they were in opposition, when in fact they were firmly and lovingly in cahoots.

This is why Theresa spoke in Florence and at Mansion House about a clean Brexit – it enabled her to burnish her Brexiteer credentials in public and enabled the EU to huff and puff about how unacceptable it all was.

Our media played along by pretending that Britain was trying to cherry-pick and portraying her as “hapless” and the EU as “winning”.

But once their “characters” were established, they could start heading towards the exit, so Mrs May presented Chequers and started her descent towards the EU’s preferred destination.

The EU started to huff and puff a bit about how Chequers cannot work, but Theresa May is beginning to be portrayed by the media not as hapless and ineffective, but a tough negotiator “sticking to her guns”.

We are now in the final stages.

Because both sides need to be able to present their preferred deal (Chequers) as the best they could each have hoped for, given the “intransigence” of their opponents.

The EU need to do a deal and appear reasonable and compromising, and Chequers is their ideal – one that shackles us to their corpse.

And Theresa May needs to deliver their preferred deal. But can’t be seen to have simply delivered all they want on a platter.

So watch now as Theresa May is slowly reinvented by our media as a tough negotiator, forcing through Chequers against the combined might of the EU apparatchiks. Watch as the fawning Europhiles recast her as the Iron Lady of Brexit (I bet they actually use that title) in a bid to convince the British public to find Chequers palatable because the EU pretended not to want it.

This is kayfabe – an orchestrated and entirely fake battle, where both sides desire the same thing and are conspiring to con the onlooker into believing a real battle has taken place.

So now it’s up to you – are you that fat American woman in the crowd screaming her support for Hulk Hogan and her hatred of The Undertaker, or will you be the sceptical Brit such a nauseating and dishonest spectacle deserves and recognise Theresa May and the EU for what they are – co-conspirators in a production designed to trick the British people into accepting a Brexit in name only.