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Dining at Chez Brussels

Imagine going to a restaurant with the ham C3PO himself, David Cameron.

You and he sit at the table together, examining the menu.

He thinks it all looks very nice, but you are revolted by all the dishes – you decide that you would like to leave and try somewhere else.

But David soothes you and calls the chef to the table to ask if there is a Specials Menu.

The chef laughs in his face.

To your surprise, David storms out of the restaurant and Theresa May takes his seat.

Theresa turns to the scowling chef and asks again for the Specials Menu.

The chef laughs in HER face, but suggests that rather than leaving in disgust, you might like to move to a table near the toilets and just go hungry all night?

Theresa May says she simply loves the ambience and says a table near the toilets sounds positively delightful, and turns to you.

She raises her eyebrows.

What do you say?

That’s the question before our MPs in January.

I wonder how many of them “simply love the ambience”?

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Jonathan Harston
Jonathan Harston
5 years ago

But TM’s paying you to keep you there…

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