We Did Know What We Were Voting For And The Next Step Is No Deal

The difference between Leaving and Remaining is where we end up in 10-20 years. Once in a lifetime, see, so the viewpoint is some significant portion of a lifetime. Describing those long term outcomes and testing against them can tell us what to do next.

A vote for Remain was to endorse the EU project. It is a self declared one way ticket to a massive federal superstate. That is what you would have voted for – more and more control from Superstate HQ in Brussels, less local control over taxation, wealth redistribution, trade policies, movement of population, currency, foreign policy including military forces.…

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The Withdrawal Agreement Will Cost £75 Billion, Not £39 Billion

From our special correspondent, Lincoln Swann:

May’s £39bn WA will actually cost double that

May says her Withdrawal Agreement will cost £39bn but that’s a low ball bid, a bit like the “flight cost” from budget airlines.

£39bn gets the UK 21 months in transition & squares away roughly £20bn of EU overdraft and pension liabilities.

Add another £20bn
Within the agreement there is an option to extend transition for another 2 years where we keep making our contributions.…

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Speaker Bercow Disallows Third Vote – The Is Britain, Not The European Union

A standard complaint about the European Union is that when a vote is lost then it is just held again until the “right” answer is reached. This was done with referenda in at least France, Holland and Ireland. Sticks were thrown in the spokes of varied pieces of further integration so they were just held again. This time with a bit more propaganda.

It is this which Speaker Bercow has not allowed to happen over Theresa May’s deal to try to leave the EU.…

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Of Course The EU Is Wargaming The Fall Of Theresa May – What Do You Expect?

The Observer leads with a piece of the most blindingly obvious scaremongering you’re likely to see. They’re telling us that the European Union – well, the Commission, that pit of federasts – is wargaming the fall of Theresa May and what that might mean for Brexit negotiations. Well, yes, and? What does anyone think wargaming is?

Wargaming being to think out well, if I do this then they might do that. Or possibly they’ll do this other.…

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There’s No Time Left For Anything Other Than No Deal Brexit

For connoisseurs of political machinations there’s really nothing quite like the Brexit process. For as we enter the end game here it’s becoming ever more apparent that there’s no actual time left for anything other than a no deal Brexit. Which isn’t at all what those who have been planning and plotting were intending, not at all. But it is what they’ve managed to corner themselves into.

Take this latest from Theresa May:

MPs will be able to have a final vote on the Brexit deal by 12 March, Prime Minister Theresa May has said.

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The Great Joy Of Theresa May’s Brexit Vote Problems – Gina Millar

As we know Theresa May lost a vote in the Commons last night over Brexit. The specific point being that money to plan for a no deal exit – that automatic reversion to simple WTO terms – is now limited. Rather a cut nose, spite face, sort of thing for people to do but you know, these are the Members of Parliament, supposedly the adults in the country.

There is a joy to all of this though which is that the entire Parliamentary travail is because Gina Millar won her court case.…

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Dining at Chez Brussels

Imagine going to a restaurant with the ham C3PO himself, David Cameron.

You and he sit at the table together, examining the menu.

He thinks it all looks very nice, but you are revolted by all the dishes – you decide that you would like to leave and try somewhere else.

But David soothes you and calls the chef to the table to ask if there is a Specials Menu.

The chef laughs in his face.…

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Theresa May Has No Authority To Sign Her WA In Our Name

Theresa May and the EU have reached an agreement on the terms of Britain’s ‘departure’ from the EU, which involves Britain not departing from the EU at all, but becoming a vassal state, tied to the EU for the long term, unable to leave without the EU’s permission, a rule-taker but unable to have a say on the EU’s rules.

I say that any such agreement between the UK and the EU has no legitimacy or moral standing whatsoever.…

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The Only Brexit Deal Worth Having Is No Brexit Deal At All

There is much mumbling in the world of public opinionating that Theresa May’s deal with the European Union is the only one worth having as Britain looks to leave the bloc. This is incorrect – the only deal worth having is no deal at all. Come 29 March the UK should crash out to WTO terms and thus be done with the mess.

Entirely agreed, I am an extremist on this matter, I am perhaps the only person who believes that the EU itself is a bad idea, one that no one at all should belong to.…

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The EU Says It’s A Take It Or Leave It Brexit Deal – OK, We’ll Leave It And Leave

That dog’s breakfast of a Brexit deal that Theresa May is trying to get through, the European Union has insisted that this is a take it or leave it deal. To which the correct response is sure, we’ll leave it and we’ll leave. What is actually being offered isn’t in fact leaving anyway, it’s an agreement to be tied to the Brussels apron strings without any voice at all in what they insist we do. That’s not the action of a sovereign nation, that’s to be reduced to a lickspittle colony.…

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